Love yourself, love your world! 12 Ways To Self Love

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There’s a lot of talk about love in the month of February. Do you want to know what’s better than romantic love- it’s self love, of course! A lot of good stuff starts with loving yourself. Self love is the secret to living and loving a great life!

I’m speaking from experience here, loving myself has turned my life from sad and empty to happy and full! I wasn’t always living the good life. And by good life I mean being truly happy with life on life’s terms, not having everything go my way because that never happens.

Not only did I not have much love for myself in my sad and empty days, I put everyone else’s concerns before my own. When you put everyone and everything before you, you have less and less to give to anyone. I’ve got plenty of reasons to put yourself first. An awesome life starts with you!

Even worse is than putting others first is self loathing, and please trust me when I tell you it leads to nothing good! Many years of hating myself kept me from trying new things, making progress, and loving life. I’m sure it’s no surprise I was downright miserable! I couldn’t begin to live up to my awesome potential until I first began to love myself.

Let’s recap, shall we? Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be healthy? Do you want to be loved? Do you want professional success? The answer is self love!

Now you may be thinking this concept of self love sounds a little strange. It definitely felt strange to me when I first tried to love myself. It’s okay to feel a little strange. Actually, I’ve found that if I’m not pressing on the edge of my comfort zone, I’m usually not progressing. So embrace feeling strange because that’s how you grow.

All right, all right- how do you love yourself, you may be wondering. Or maybe you’re not wondering that at all. Well, be a dear and read on anyway. You just might find a little inspiration!

12 Ways to Self Love!

01. Say, “I love you.”

Yeah, this is one of those things that feels really strange and has great results. At the height of my self loathing I was challenged to look at myself in the mirror every day for a month and say, “I love you.”

I didn’t like it! It felt really weird. But you know what happened? All that positive self-reinforcement started to sink in and I began to believe I was worthy of love after all.

Maybe you’re not completely self loathing. Maybe you’re just middle-of-the-road okay with yourself but not really that excited about it.  Saying “I love you” to you is a powerful exercise in self-acceptance and self love. Give it a try, okay?

02. Stop comparing yourself to others.

You’re an awesome individual with a unique life experience and your own strengths and talents.

You’ve got your own path in life. Instead of trying to walk someone else’s path, or letting yourself get discouraged by someone else’s perceived success, celebrate your journey! Stop comparing yourself to others.

03. Do something you love.

Engaging in a favorite activity is a great way to show a little love to you! Maybe you love a particular sport, or maybe curling up with a good book is just your style.

Whatever you enjoy doing, do it! If possible, do it every day.

04. Adopt an attitude of  self gratitude!

Gratitude is a simple concept that has the power to change attitudes, offer perspective, and make every day great!

When it comes to self love, adopt an attitude of gratitude. Make a self gratitude list- write down all the stuff you love about you and celebrate your awesomeness!

05. Take care of you!

Self care goes right along with self love and you can’t have one without the other. It’s always important to take care of you. Get enough sleep, eat when you’re hungry, drink when you’re thirsty. It’s not all that hard to take care of you!

06. Make peace with your inner critic

Do you have that voice in your head that criticizes you at every turn? The voice that says you aren’t good enough? It just ain’t true!

You are smart enough, you’re good enough, and doggone it, people like you! Isn’t about time to make peace with your inner critic?

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07. Get down with your awesome self!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- you’re awesome! If you don’t know it yet, please take my word for it now and know it for yourself later.

Wake up each day and ask yourself, “how can I be awesome today?,” then go out an be awesome!

08. Believe in yourself.

Self-confidence doesn’t come after accomplishment, it comes before. If you want to be successful you have to believe in yourself, even if other people don’t believe in you. You can totally do this!

09. Have some fun.

You work hard and you deserve a little fun! Wait- what am I saying- you deserve a LOT of fun! Add a little fun every day.

Share a laugh, skip through a field, play a game- do something fun. Don’t delay, have fun today!

10. Move past your mistakes.

We all make mistakes- oh, and did I mention it’s totally okay to make mistakes? When you make a mistake learn from it, regroup, and move on!

Don’t let your mistakes get you down. At least, don’t let them keep you down for long.

11. Focus on what’s really important.

What’s important? Is it the day-to-day to-do list that so often runs your life? No way! Do as little of the “to-do”s as possible and spend more time making headway on what’s really important to you!

12. Embrace your imperfections!

You’re perfectly imperfect, and, hey, so am I. Imperfections and personal quirks are often endearing- they make us who we are. Embrace your imperfections and accept yourself just as you are today!


I love your comments! Are you inspired to love yourself this Valentine’s Day? What other ways do you love yourself?


  1. I don’t know about love. Tolerate may be the best you are going to get sometimes. Which kind of sucks, but such is life. Find aspects of yourself that you do like and focus on developing those. That ain’t gonna get you a super model or anything, but so long as you can hold your own in a conversation people will eventually stop looking at you and start seeing you.

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Berta!

      Loving myself was difficult for me for many years. I do believe it’s possible to love yourself, but I also know that sometimes you start with tolerance.

      I love your suggestion to start with things you do like and develop those skills and qualities. That said, I believe loving yourself isn’t about being something more than you are, but simply loving yourself exactly as you are today.

      We all have room for improvement, of course, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t deserving and worthy of self-love. After all, I truly believe the vast majority of us are only doing the best we can with who we are and what we have, and that’s enough.

      Have a grateful day!


  2. Making peace with your inner critic is sound advice! You inner critic should exist to help you improve yourself, not bring you down. I tend to be very critical of myself as both a writer and a person. The key is to engage with yourself to become a happier person. This was a pretty post! Pat your awesome self on the back!

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Sophie!

      I completely relate to being self critical- I was for many years and it held me back! I love your advice to engage with yourself and become happier- that’s exactly how it worked for me!

      So lovely to have you stop by! Thank you! Have a grateful day!


  3. Nice post. I love your suggestion to adopt an attitude of self-gratitude. Practicing gratitude in general is such a great activity for fixing a bad day and creating a positive mindset. Being appreciative of oneself takes it to the next level I think, especially when dealing with doubt and criticism. Good ideas and insights :)


    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Ariana!

      Before writing this post I hadn’t given much thought to the concept of self-gratitude but as soon as it popped into my mind I knew it was a habit I am going to add to my daily practice! Woo!

      Oh, and I apologize for not replying to your comment sooner. I have been in the process of moving my blog to a new host and could not make any updates during the migration. I’m pleased to say I’m now running my blog on my new host. Yay!

      Have a grateful day!


      • Don’t you love it when profound ideas just pop into your mind like out of no where and they completely expand your perception! I’ve found that being open to connecting with and listening to my subconscious is incredibly valuable!

        Glad the hosting transition went well.


  4. Refreshing take on loving yourself! Thanks for that. I love the part about putting others first is self loathing. I was taught from a very young age to always do this. I struggled with this as within, this statement did not sit well with me. I remember 15 years ago I woke up and found that I neglected myself for 15 years because I put people, who were only draining me and using me, first! I forget who I was, I stopped buying things for myself and when I think about it most of my decisions were based on whether someone else would approve. Now, I feel great! I take care of me, I don’t compromise as I am the most important person in my life. There is nothing wrong in caring and loving others, but we need to set boundaries so that we don’t take on their guilt, problems and depression otherwise you will lose sight of your true self and become them. Namaste

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