42 Ways to Practice Gratitude

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“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more.” ~Melody Beattie

Gratitude is the best attitude there is, and it’s not just for one day, or every once in a while- gratitude is for every day! Gratitude gives me perspective, balance, and peace of mind. It’s not about getting what I want, it’s wanting what I’ve got.

When I practice a daily attitude of gratitude my life is better- a lot better.

Over the past year I’ve gone through a lot of change and during all that change my daily practice of gratitude became an occasion practice of gratitude. And I felt the difference in my life. I was more often frustrated, unhappy, and felt stuck. I wanted to get unstuck!

I knew to get unstuck I needed to make gratitude a regular part of my day, every day. I needed to find that perspective, balance, and peace of mind I get from gratitude. From the awareness that things are never as bad as they might feel, from the awareness that there is always something good in life, from the awareness that right now, in this moment, I’m okay, even when things around me aren’t okay.

So what does it take to cultivate an attitude of gratitude? There are so many wonderful ways to practice gratitude!

01. Say thank you to someone new every day

02. Do something nice for someone else

03. Do something nice for you!

04. Pay someone a compliment

05. Speak positively about yourself

06. Overlook something you don’t like about someone else

07. Recognize something you like about someone you don’t like (There’s goodness in every one!)

08. Make a positive impact in the world- volunteer!

09. Practice gratitude in action- act thankful and you will feel thankful

10. Practice gratitude in thought- think thankful and you will feel thankful

11. Practice gratitude in words- speak thankful and you will feel thankful

12. Give a hug

13. Give a smile

14. Send someone a card for no reason

15. Call someone you love just to say, “I love you”

16. Write down 3 things you’re thankful for

17. Make an A-Z gratitude list (One gratitude for every letter of the alphabet!)

18. Start a gratitude photo journal

19. Participate in a Gratitude Challenge (Try my 30 Day Gratitude Challenge!)

20. Make space for gratitude by letting go of something you’ve been holding on to

practice gratitudePhoto credit Bart Maguire

21. Don’t gossip

22. Don’t complain

23. Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t

24. Do something you love

25. Find fun in everything you do

26. Stop worrying

27. Enjoy the little things

28. Choose to see the beauty in each day

29. Spend time with a child

30. Snuggle up with a pet

31. Cook a homemade meal

32. Enjoy a meal free of distractions

33. Declutter your digital life

34. Declutter your personal space (Fill your space only with things that help you be more awesome!)

35. Exercise your body

36. Exercise your mind

37. Exercise your heart

38. Be present in this moment

39. Respond, don’t react

40. Don’t attend every argument you’re invited to

41. Make today awesome!

42. Love yourself, love your life!

I love your comments! How do you practice gratitude?


  1. Hey Chrysta,

    I can definitely feel what you’re saying here Chrysta. It’s amazing how your outlook on yourself and of life makes a difference when you give gratitude. It’s just not a matter of doing it and saying the words, but feeling the action and the words that you say. This is what I believe is true gratitude and you gave some great ways on what to focus on so that we can really feel it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this list Chrysta and as you know I practice gratitude every single day. I start out just saying what I’m thankful for like being allowed to have another day on this earth. That’s definitely #1.

    I don’t know, just being thankful for what you have and what you still desire to receive just puts so much joy in my soul. Not that helping others, giving someone a smile or doing something nice for someone won’t do the same thing.

    I sure would hope that everyone practices gratitude everyday but if not they sure can start with this list. Great job my friend.

    Hope you’re doing well and Happy Holidays! I know that I’m thankful for you.


  3. Hi Chrysta,

    Excellent list you have here and I couldn’t help thinking of my own blog post listing 10 ways of giving that have nothing to do with physical gifts.

    It’s great to practice those now, while it will be even better to practice them all throughout the year. May those reading this remember it later as well :)

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  4. Awesome list, Chrysta!

    I don’t particularly ‘practice’ gratitude, but I am grateful for what I have in life. I enjoy it, and I love it 😀

    I haven’t been able to keep up with your other list (30 day gratitude challenge), this month is kind of busy (setting up the blog before I launch it in Jan), but I will try my best to follow this list.

    Thank you, Chrysta :) Appreciate it! Hope you are had an awesome weekend!

    • Yeah, thanks for your grateful comment, Jeevan!

      I’d say being grateful, enjoying, and loving life is practicing gratitude. The way I think of it is the conscious act of being grateful.

      Ah, yes, even I have been somewhat inconsistent in the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge- I’m still doing it but here and there I’ve skipped a day because the day just got away from me! What’s important is the act of being grateful, not completing a challenge. The challenge is just a fun way to do it!

      Have an excellent day!


  5. A fantastic list of tips, Chrysta – I especially like the ones about not gossiping and not complaining. I must bear that in mind next time I start having a good old moan about the weather! I tend to worry a lot about all the stuff I haven’t managed to achieve in the day, and one of my strategies is to make sure I note in my diary all the things I have managed to do, remembering to give thanks for that rather than focusing on areas where I feel I’ve failed.

    Thanks very much for an inspiring post.

    • Ah, you mentioned a few of my weaknesses- including focusing on what I did not accomplish instead of celebrating what I did accomplish. Most of the time the things I didn’t do aren’t really that important (or I would have done them)! Life is better when I can appreciate what I did accomplish and let the rest go.

      Also, complaining about the weather- yes, I hear this one a lot. I tend to complain more in the summer because I hate feeling hot- it makes me so uncomfortable! It’s okay to feel uncomfortable, and even to note that’s how we feel, but I do feel complaining about it just makes us grumpy! Or maybe that’s just me. 😉

      Have a grateful day!


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