52 Ways To Be Kind At Work

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52 Ways To Be Kind At Work

It’s the season of giving and you don’t need money to give generously. Some of the best gifts are random acts of kindness, inspired by a paying it forward mentality.  Showing kindness to others is a simple and easy way to brighten the day of those around you. As an added bonus you are likely to feel happier when people who are happy, too, surround you.

Who among us doesn’t want to feel happier at work? Many of us think of work as WORK, and work is one place we may forget to show kindness to others. It’s far too easy to get caught up in the ever-growing list of tasks that must be accomplished and we can forgo giving at work when we have so much work to do!

Today, I encourage you to start a revolution! Be the person that spreads joy and charity in your place of business. Random acts of kindness can be directed at your co-workers or customers and even yourself!

Here’s 52 ideas to show kindness in the workplace and spread a little cheer!

01. Make a fresh pot of coffee.


02. Clean the microwave (even if it isn’t your mess).

03. Smile.

04. Say “thank you” in person.

05. Take a co-worker out to lunch.

06. Give a glowing recommendation.

07. Organize a charity drive in your workplace.

08. Organize a volunteer day.

09. Hold the door open for the person behind you.

10. Make a mental list of all the things you enjoy about your work.

11. Be grateful!

12. Be encouraging.

13. Give a compliment.

14. Be constructive in your criticism.

15. Ask someone how they are and really listen to the answer.

16. Introduce a colleague to a contact in your professional network.

17. Be nice to someone you dislike.

18. Be a cheerleader for someone else’s idea or project.

19. Tell your boss what you appreciate about them.

20. Make the best of your day.

21. Ask someone for their opinion and consider their position.

22. Invite a co-worker you don’t normally socialize with to sit with you at lunch.

23. Share praise with a co-worker’s boss and their boss’s boss.

24. Let go of a grudge.

25. Take breaks.

26. Give someone else a break.


52 ways to be kind at work

Source: obeedesigns.tumblr.com via Dorielle on Pinterest


27. Donate vacation time to a co-worker in need.

28. Share your expertise.

29. Send flowers to a co-worker.

flowers gif (1)

30. Be a mentor.

31. Give someone the benefit of the doubt.

32. Admit when you’re in the wrong (it helps other people feel better about their mistakes!)

33. Don’t complain.

34. Don’t gossip.

35. Share an inspirational quote.

36. Share a uplifting blog post.

37. Tell a joke.

38. Bring in books you loved and pass them on.

39. Be friendly.

40. Forgive someone.

41. Respect others.

42. Say “please” and “thank you”.

43. Start and end meetings on time.

44. Learn something new about someone you work with.

45. Bring in fresh fruits or vegetables to share.

46. Give someone a ride to or from work.

47. Pass on coupons you don’t need.

48. Start a conversation with the delivery person, janitor, or handyman.

49. Congratulate someone on their accomplishments.

50. Create a custom playlist for a co-worker.

51. Share a positive thought.

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52. Be responsible for the energy you bring to your workplace.

“Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.” ~Anne Herbert

Sharing kindness at work makes work a little more pleasant for everyone. Be a spirit of kindness in your workplace today!

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  1. Chrysta – LOVE both this list and your company’s name :) Thanks for contributing to creating more joy in the workplace!

    • Thanks for your comment, Kris!

      When I saw you speak at NCHRA I was really inspired by your talk as creating joy at work is one of my passions- especially since I started this blog almost 8 years ago. :) I want to start more conversations and empower more people around creating thriving and happy individuals at work.


  2. This is truly fantastic and motivating. I really like to show kindness and also above all, I practice reiki where showing unconditional kindness is a part of our duty. I am a social worker by profession and I have helps many NGOs get donations. I am very happy that I have got the capacity to help others in times of need. I am fortunate to help the poor tribal children, the backward class children, the old people with reiki healing. I am fortunate to have benevolent parents. I am extremely lucky to see your blog in my lifetime and wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Andrew!

      I love that you practice unconditional kindness in your reiki! Helping others is a wonderful way to live a great life and be part of a community.

      Have a grateful day!


  3. Great advice and actions to take! Best wishes to you in the new year ahead, Chrysta!

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Jon!

      Happy Holidays and all the best to you in 2013!

      Have a grateful day!


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