8 ways to feel better about yourself

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Life goes a little easier when you feel good about yourself. Not only that, your relationships with other people are improved when you have a healthy sense of confidence.

What so many people get wrong is confidence doesn’t come from the outside in, it comes from the inside out. Feeling good about yourself starts with you and you alone. It’s not what others think of you, your success, or what you look like- it’s how you feel about you and how you treat yourself.

When you feel good about yourself you generally feel better about others, too. With a healthy confidence you’re less bothered by minor disagreements and small setbacks. You have a healthy, positive, and strong sense of self!

So what if you don’t feel that good about yourself right now? How do you feel better about yourself. It won’t happen overnight- at least it didn’t for me. It took a regular practice of self-affirming action to feel good about me. Even still, I experience moments of self-doubt but I can shake it off and get back on track with a happier, healthier life.

8 ways to feel better about yourself

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01. Practice self-care

You can’t feel good about anything if you’re running on empty. Eat well, take breaks, exercise (even a short walk will do!)- take care of you! With regular self-care you build a solid foundation to be your best self!

02. Be mindful of your thoughts and words

Stop putting yourself down in your thoughts and words. You believe what you tell yourself, and other people believe what you say about yourself, too. If you think or say something unkind about yourself, immediately think or say at least two positive statements about yourself.

03. Use your skills and talents

Do something you’re good at every day. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you have excellent penmanship you can hand-write a note. If you’re an artist, create something!

04. Celebrate your accomplishments

You do something great every day- what did you do today? Celebrate your accomplishment! You did it!

05. Focus on yourself

Minding other people’s business is an effective way to drive yourself, and others, crazy! You can’t control other people but you can make the best of your life. If you find yourself becoming preoccupied with another person’s behavior, stop and focus your attention on the task in front of you.

06. Make the best of your mistakes

Oh, mistakes. Everyone makes them, but not everyone makes the best of them. Mistakes are nothing to be ashamed of- they are opportunities to improve. Hold your head high and move forward!

07. Accept, don’t judge

Everyone has flaws and your flaws don’t make you a bad person- you’re only human. Accept your shortcomings, don’t judge them. It’s okay to be flawed. Extend your acceptance to others, too.

08. Be someone you’re proud of

When you’re faced with a difficult decision, avoid reacting emotionally. Instead, respond with dignity and grace. Be someone you can be proud of. Feel good about you!


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  1. Hi ya Chrysta,

    I found you from Adrienne blog. What a lovely and true post you shared. Time, events and life can move forward so fast that we can miss or forget the points you shared. No.1 is my down fall, thinking let me sort the kids, get the business stuff out the way then i will look after me. Of course we both know that, that becomes a cycle and ‘me’ gets left out.

    No. 2 was a hard one i had to deal with. It can be so hard to stop yourself when it comes to your thoughts. But it is one we all need to do more of.

    Blessings Janet

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