5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

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It’s mid-December and the holiday season is in full swing. Flu season is upon us. Students are staring down finals. There is much to do and precious little time to do it.

And is it just me or are there just a lot of changes happening ? I got news of 2 big changes to my personal and professional situation this month. I view change as opportunity but even still there’s always a bit of discomfort, upheaval, and general craziness that comes with change. With everything that’s going on, it’s easy to put self-care last on my list of to-dos.

Of course, I learned some time ago that my life is most awesome, and I’m at my most awesomest, when self-care is at the top of my list!

So for me, and for you, here’s 5 ways to take care of yourself! (And, hey, if you happen to find this post outside the holidays you can still use these tips. I’ll still be using them.)

5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

01. Take a break

Do I sound like a broken record every time I mention taking breaks? Apparently I need the reminder because when work gets busy I stop taking breaks.

Maybe that goes for you, too. Or maybe taking breaks is a habit you haven’t made yet. Well, here’s your chance. Give yourself a break and take a break! It can be a break during the workday, or even just a break from shopping, cooking, cleaning, present wrapping, etc. Just take a break.

02. Give yourself “me time”!

I have much to do during the holiday season which means I need more “me time” than usual. I’ll schedule my “me time” if I have to!

Give yourself a nice holiday gift of “me time”. It’s the cheapest and best gift you can give yourself. You might not be an introvert like me but even extroverts need some self-indulgent downtime to yourself, right? (Tell me if I’m wrong!)

03. Relax and recharge

Now I admit I’m one of those people that hates to miss out and so I’m tempted to accept every invitation that’s extended to me only that’s not a good idea because I know from experience I need take time to recharge and relax. Sometimes I need to turn down invitations, or suggest alternative activities that allow me to enjoy a little R&R.

You’ll be a much happier and healthier person if you find some time to recharge so do yourself and your family/friends/co-workers a favor and relax!

04. Let go of expectations

The holidays are often jam-packed full of expectations and obligations! I know this and yet I still get caught up in wanting to find just the right gift, or sending out holiday cards to everyone I ever knew, or baking cookies for the neighbors. And let’s be honest now, there’s often some gift-receiving expectations.

Expectations will drive you crazy every time! There’s so much that’s out of your control and instead of focusing on what you want and what you want to get done, stop and appreciate what you do have and what you can actually, reasonably, realistically get done.

05. Have fun

When did the holidays become a chore? Note to self: if it’s a chore, you’re doin’ it wrong!

doing it wrong

I invite you to join me in having fun this holiday season. Enjoy whatever it is you’re doing. Find fun in each moment. Celebrate the little things. And, please, oh please, have a laugh at my goofy picture, above!

I love your comments! What other ways are you taking care of yourself this holiday season? Please share!


  1. Hey Chrysta,

    I hope those 2 big changes were all for the good girl. That would be awesome here as the holidays approach.

    I need some of this advice but I’ve been contemplating on just taking some me time. Mostly to get caught up on things I need to catch up on that I never have time to do. Would that be horrible of me to write one more post and then vanish the rest of the year? I’ve just never done that before so I’m not sure if I even can because I love connecting with everyone so very much. At the same time I’ve had a rough month with it being the holidays and I’m missing my best friend terribly.

    I have some things I need to get caught up on as well and some of that has to do with me personally. I might give it a go so this is about the third post I’ve read now that we need to give ourselves some me time and I think you guys are trying to tell me something! I think I’ll take it like that anyway. 😉

    Thanks so much for this wonderful advice and I love that picture. Awesome and Happy Holidays!


  2. Hi Chrysta,

    I was fascinated about the title of this post on seeing it on the comment section of Adrienne smith’s new post.

    I love point 1 and 2; taking a break, then relax and recharging.

    I just want to add this to it; never worry about issues, problems or challenges.

    Thanks for sharing, its quite inspiring.


  3. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything that needs to be done during the holiday season! And, your suggestions are spot on.

    I definitely need to work on saying NO. I often say yes to things even when I want to say no, which makes me frustrated and oftentimes resentful of what I’m doing. So, this season, and as a goal for the upcoming year, I’m going to say NO to the things that don’t make me happy or that I really don’t want to do!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Love the post, Chrysta :)

    I am just starting to get busy, lot to do before Jan :)

    I have finish up the things with my blog (finish the designing part this week and launch the coming soon page next week and of course, get ready to launch the blog on New Year’s :D).

    Along with that, I have to get ready to get back to college (I couldn’t take any classes this semester, because the university I was trying to transfer into requires a ‘semester break’ for transfer students).

    So, yeah, six months of vacation (well, 8 months, counting the summer). But, I can say that this has been the best year of my life. I spent a lot of time relearning to love learning (yeah, the education system had done a good job of ‘destroying’ it) and learning new habits.

    I also ended up learning two new languages, French and German (haven’t mastered them yet. But, I have made great progress). I also learned other stuff, such as capitals of the world, parts of brain and so forth.

    So, yes, it’s has been a wonderful year, and I am thankful for all of it (Actually, I should be thanking the university for requiring transfer students to take a break).

    Anyways, hope you had a wonderful weekend :) Thanks for the awesome tips!

  5. Oh my gosh… let go of expectations – YES!! It’s always my downfall. Expectations of what it will be like when I get together with family and friends, the quest for the perfect gift, making my kids get dressed up. Life is so much better when we let go and just have FUN! All those expectations give me one thing for sure (and it’s rarely satisfaction.) It’s stress! Thanks for sharing these important reminders. Great timing!

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