5 Ways to Make the Best of Today

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All too often we fall into the trap of letting our external circumstance determine our internal circumstance. I see it all around me- whether or not friends and co-workers have a good or bad day depends on what happens during the day- it doesn’t have to be that way. Life can be so much more than what happens to you.

Regardless of what happens you can make the best of today. When you make the best of each day you make the best of your life. When you make the best of your life you can manage the ups and downs of life a little easier. When you make the best of your life you can be happy, healthy, and content.

Years ago I lived a reactive life. My life was determined by my circumstances- either bad or good in my mind. Despite being a generally positive person, I let everyone and everything else set the tone for my life.

I wasn’t living the life I wanted so I sought new ways of interacting and engaging in my life. Making the best of each day is just one way I turned my life around and began to respond instead of react to life. It really makes every day a little easier. Scratch that, a LOT easier. And not just easier, but more enjoyable, too. Today, in my life, more good stuff happens than bad and even the bad doesn’t feel all that bad.

5 Ways to Make the Best of Today

01. Live in today

Don’t carry yesterday’s sorrows into today. What happened yesterday happened yesterday, not today. Practice leaving what happened yesterday in the past.

You can try journaling about what happened, or even just jotting a note on a slip of paper, and leaving the past on the page instead of in your heart and mind.

And on that note, let tomorrow happen tomorrow. Anxiety, anticipation, and excitement for tomorrow robs today of it’s joy. Take a deep breath and open yourself to this day.

What are you doing right now? Are you going through the motions or being actively involved in today? Practice mindfulness in the moment.

02. Do good work

Whether it’s a weekday or a weekend, productive activity is good for the soul. Take on small, easily accomplished tasks and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done! You can break up bigger projects into smaller parts.

The important thing is to get something done- something you can be proud of.

03. Have fun

A good life isn’t all work- get out there and play! Find ways to add fun to your day!

Yes, you can have fun at work, even if your day-to-day job isn’t all that fun. And no doubt you have plenty of ideas to have fun in your personal time. Are you having fun outside of work, too? Get out there and play!

Adding fun to your day helps you keep a balanced perspective on your day and your life.

04. Recharge

You need work, play, and rest to live a full and balanced life. Ideally you’ll have a little of all three each day.

Get a good night’s sleep. Take a power nap.

Even a 5 minute break can be restorative. Stop what you’re doing and do nothing for 5 minutes. Just sit there and breathe for 5 minutes. Let your mind wander or focus on your breath- as long as it restores you.

Find some way to relax and recharge today!

05. Rock this day!

Embrace an attitude of awesome and rock this day! Whatever happens, know that you’ve got this. Make a choice to rock this day! Oh yeah, you’ve got this.

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I love your comments! How do you make the best of today? What are you going to do today?


  1. For me a good day is when I do one good deed to someone. It can be simple as giving a smile or an advice or something positive that makes someone happy or feel relieved. And next is to do something good to myself, by pushing my skills to the limit and feel confident about my work. Live a disciplined life

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Sreejesh!

      I love your idea of a good deed, and indeed being of service to others is a wonderful thing! I believe this is especially true as we are all interdependent so doing a good deed for anyone makes the world a better place for many, including ourselves!

      I also try to live a disciplined life in the sense that I am committed to living a great life every day. Some days I do better than others, but it’s the act of trying every day that makes a great life!

      Have a wonderful day!


  2. Hi Chrysta,

    It’s wonderful to be over at your blog. :)

    You are so right – none of us are really happy living the lives we lead if it doesn’t bring us internal happiness and peace at the end of the day – so you aren’t alone when you mentioned or went through that years ago.

    Yes indeed, make the best of each single day – every moment is what I believe in too. And live your life to the fullest as if it’s your last. I learnt this when I had a near-fatal road accident a year back, which made me realize and value life much more. I guess sometimes you need such reminders – isn’t it?

    I agree with your points mentioned, the most important being to have fun and living each day – I guess that’s how you begin appreciating your life. :)

    Thanks for sharing, and have a nice day ahead :)

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Harleena!

      I’m sorry to hear about your road accident- how scary! I have also experienced major illness or injury that made me reevaluate how I am spending my life- am I living the life I want? If not, how can I live the life I want. What I want is not possessions and status but simply to be happy in the here and now. When I get off track, no doubt some life experience will remind me what’s really important.

      Have a grateful day!


  3. Rock This Day Chrysta! I can feel your energy! OH so true. All we have is today, as tomorrow may never come. Yes live each day like it is your last. I love what you say in the comment to Adrianne that you keep on learning everyday Yes there is always something to learn, everything that we know has come from someone.. Just like What I have just learned for you here today Rock This Day!! Thanks for sharing Chery :)

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Chery! I’m so happy you stopped by to rock this day- it’s really the best way to live, isn’t it?

      Every day is a wonderful gift and the best way I know to live is to treat life as a wonderful gift. Things may not go my way but in the long run that doesn’t really matter. I always have the option to make the best of what’s in front of me!

      Have a grateful day!


  4. Hi Chrysta

    Used to worry and worry and stress all the time. Even if things were going fine I would be thinking what if or only if. Well now I have no choice but to live in the here and now or I would be so depressed with the future. The down turn of the economy threw everything out the window on any possibility of security. So since there is really nothing other than accepting and moving forward in a positive way, maybe it has simplified life. I have to live in the here and now. Believing in a better tomorrow. Can’t sit around and wait for things to improve, I have to make them improve. It is easier to have a good day when I can see that others are not as fortunate or that I am not at a stressful job anymore. So things are good and I am grateful.


    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Mary!

      I can really relate to worrying all the time- even when things are going fine.

      I have also experienced serious personal and professional instability and, like you, I learned to embrace the present. I don’t have control over what happened before or what will happen next. I can only deal with what’s in front of me here, today. I can do what I can with what I have right now.

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Have a grateful day!


  5. Chrysta, you sound like me! I use to let people, circumstances and things affect my attitude although I was a very positive person too! I didn’t understand at that time that whatever I was feeling I was doing it to myself.

    Gosh have I learned a lot over my life. I sure wish I had known a lot of what I do now a heck of a long time ago. But it’s never to late to learn right.

    Live in the present moment is so huge. I know that some people will say but you have to plan and there are so many things happening, etc. That’s very true but when you let your mind wander all the time instead of concentrating on what you’re doing this very moment, you’re not really living. You’re not sucking up what life as to offer you right here, right now.

    I agree with all five of your shares here especially have fun and rock it! Oh yeah, that’s my middle name girl. 😉


    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Adrienne!

      You’re right, it’s never too late to learn and it’s a good thing because I keep on learning every day! And, really, learning keeps life interesting!

      I plan in my life and I don’t let that stop me from living in the present moment. I can set goals and still embrace the day! Like you said, you’re not really living if you’re not living for today.

      I appreciate your comments! Have a grateful day!


  6. this was just the thing I needed today! I`ve been stressed out over all the things I have to read at Uni, and I`m so behind on everything, but I realise now that I can only do one thing at a time, and focus on one day, today, not tomorrow.

    • Thanks for your awesome comment! <3

      You're right- you can only do one thing at a time and focusing on today is the best way to get stuff done and enjoy life in the process. :)

      Have a grateful day!


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