18 Ways to Have Fun at Work (And Life!)

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We think of work as, well, work. No doubt you hear the weekly Monday lament, but work doesn’t have to be all bad, in fact it doesn’t need to be bad at all!

Having fun at work has many benefits, including minimizing boredom and fatigue, relieving tension and stress, improving morale, inspiring innovation and creativity, reducing conflict, and improving mental health.

Our life experience is guided by our attitude, and finding ways to have fun at work can turn a bad day into a truly great one! Fun isn’t something that happens to us- it’s something we create. To have more fun you have to be fun.

For this article I turned to the funniest person I know- my husband, Corey. Together we came up with our best ideas for creating fun and enjoyment at work. The great thing is all of these ideas create fun in every aspect of one’s life.


  1. Pick a Partner

Teaming up is a great way to have more fun in anything you do. Sharing a boring task makes it go by faster, and collaborating on interesting projects maximizes pleasure.

In addition, we humans are not truly solitary creatures, and partnering with someone else satisfies our desire to be social.

friends-gif-breakfast club


  1. Lighten Up

Don’t take work or life too seriously! Your job is important, and it may even be serious, but it’s more important to keep it in perspective and have a little fun when you can. Very few of us boast jobs that are life or death, and even those that do know you have to find ways to keep it light. You can’t be serious, stressed out and happy, so embrace happiness instead!


  1. Play Games

Games can add fun to your workday. You can play trivia, guess the song/band games, what would you do if you won the lottery, and so much more. Most of us can add a game to our workday from time-to-time, with co-workers in person or remotely. Get playful!


  1. Participate

Join a professional organization or be on committee to build relationships with professionals and peers. Being part of a professional group is not only good for your career; it can help you keep perspective when you start to feel stressed. (Here’s a hint, your job is not the be-all end-all of your life.)

Participation in organizations and committees has the added benefit of adding variety to your day. No more excuses – get involved!

  1. Give Props

When you see someone doing a great job, let him or her know! Better yet, pass the praise on to their supervisor. Sharing positive feedback is sure to improve your mood. Yes, your mood. Plus, the more you recognize others, the more likely you will be recognized.

himym gif


  1. Give Compliments

A really fun way to brighten your day is to compliment someone else. You can even do it anonymously by leaving a kind note for someone to find. I dare you to compliment someone else and not feel great!

“I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun.” ~Thomas Edison


  1. Take Breaks

Find more enjoyment in your day by taking regular breaks. Take a fun break to try one of the ideas on this list!

Think you’re too busy to take a break – think again. Taking breaks can improve your productivity.


  1. Share a Treat

Bringing a snack to share with others is a fun way to break the ice with co-workers you don’t know well, and say thanks to those you do.


You can break from the tradition of brownies in the break room and bring a healthy snack to share. (You can send those brownies my way- I love them!)


  1. Start a Competition

Starting a competition with your co-workers can be a great way to add a little fun to your day! You can compete for bragging rights, Happy Hour drinks, or a homemade trophy.

Your competition can be based on your work or completely non-work related. Find an interest you share with your peers and have fun with it!


  1. Learn Something New

Mastering a new skill builds your resume and your confidence. Volunteer for a special project, take a class, or study on your own. Applying your new skills in your day-to-day job can make your work more enjoyable.


  1. Survey Your Peers

Solicit ideas from your co-workers for ways to enliven your office. Your peers are sure to appreciate sharing ideas and you just might come up with a new idea that will shake things up (in a good way!).


  1. Be Spontaneous

I’m all for planning and preparation but let’s face it, fun is often spontaneous. Try doing something unexpected and new-to-you to add a little fun to your day.

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” ~Dale Carnegie

  1. Add Color

Color affects our moods and an easy way to boost your mood is add color to your work environment. Colorful office supplies, toys, and coffee cups can add more fun to your day. Adding color to my office not only helps me stay organized it cheers me up when I walk in every day.

office space gif


  1. Celebrate Your Accomplishments

When you do a great job or complete a project, don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishment. Stop for a moment and recognize your achievement! Treat yourself in some small way and enjoy the moment.


  1. Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Do something nice for someone else, or yourself, and you’ll make your day great! A kind word, a small favor, or unexpected gift can really make your day fun!


  1. Challenge Yourself

Doing the same thing every day is boring, but you can find ways to challenge yourself to keep it interesting. If your task is measured by time or volume, try challenging yourself to beat your average productivity.

Another way to challenge yourself is to take on another aspect of a job – even if it isn’t in your job description.

  1. Smile

Smiling is contagious! When you smile you improve your mood, and soon others will be smiling right back at you.

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  1. Enjoy Yourself

Decide to have fun in whatever you do. Think of the most enjoyable part of your workday and write it down every day. Keep the fun times at the top of your mind and you’re certain to have many of them!

“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.” ~Dr. Seuss


I love your comments! What other ways do you add fun to your workday?


  1. I have done my part in working with others (collaborative blog, guest posts etc) and taking breaks, refreshing up my mind by reading other blogs, watching movies etc. These days, I focus on doing blogging and enjoying it at the same time rather than worrying about it. These 18 ways are sure helpful, Chrysta. I follow a lot of these steps. But, you do share many things that are new to me, such as celebrating my accomplishments (I have never done that with blogging!) or surveying.

    Thank you for the post, Chrysta,


  2. Hi Chrysta,

    18 ways to have fund at work? Now that’s something a lot of us could use.

    To me I have very little problem having fun when I work my online business at home, where I do find it hard to have fun is in an office full of people who are not the kind of people I would choose to be around otherwise. However, this said, each of your tips can be very well applicable in an office setting and lighten anyone’s day.

    Thanks for you tips to have fun while at work :)

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Sylviane!

      You are very fortunate to have a business you enjoy where you get to choose who you work with (or not). :)

      There are unique stresses related to working in an office, hence my 18 ideas to have fun! Hopefully some of these ideas work for other life situations, too.

      Have a grateful day!


  3. Love the list, Chrysta!!

    And it reminds me of an activity I did today (not quite a Monday, but it fits!). I was taking my daughter off to do some yard work with a group she is involved with. She was not all that excited about “doing the work”. And then she invited a friend to come – and I stayed and helped, too – including having some fun with the kids. And the next thing you know…we were all done…and everyone had a fun and got to know each other better in the process. Good times! (and it was work – how about that!!)

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Lance!

      I love your story! Work is so much more fun with a partner, and there are so many ways to enjoy an experience that’s shared. I had a huge smile on my face thinking about your daughter having fun doing the work with help and realizing many hands make light work.

      Have a grateful day!


  4. I love the list! I could vouch for so many of them. I feel no matter what life throws at you or how tough the times are; if you just smile, have fun and tackle it with ease, it just might be much more simpler than ever!

    Many of us just forget to have fun. Life is a joyride, you need to have fun every moment and you need to live it, because sorry to say, it ain’t coming back!

    Loved it!

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Hajra! I’m happy you enjoyed this list and have used many of these ideas to add some fun to your life, too!

      I must admit I sometimes forget to have fun myself. Fortunately my husband is very fun and he reminds me not to be too serious. It’s good to have someone fun around.

      Have a grateful day!


  5. Hi Chrysta, great post! I don’t think you missed many of them; with this being such an awesome list, and all. I have done many of them myself, and can attest to their effectiveness.

    For me also, when life or work gets too serious, I always liven it up with music. Music tends to put me back in my place of solace. Not just any kind of music either; I’m a lover of what I call, music for the soul.

    First rule, in gathering music for the soul, is making sure I can understand what’s being said, first and foremost. If I can’t recite the words back verbatim, then I probably won’t listen to much of it in that genre, anyway. It’s for this reason that I’m not much of a rap fan.

    Next, the song should have some type of meaning behind it, it has to tell me a story. That way it takes me away from the seriousness of work or life, long enough for me to gather the feeling of the song.

    I usually find myself going to Pandora and turning on the relaxation station. It pretty much keeps me light whenever I listen to it.

    This was a very fun post! :) Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Deeone!

      I have to agree music is an excellent way improve every day! I set my music to my desired mood- be it fun, energetic, peaceful, passionate, hopeful, bouncy, and more. Listening to music makes work more fun for me, whether I’m working at my job, working on my blog, or working around the house. I have a playlist for each activity, and it gets me through the day.

      Thanks for sharing your experience! Have a grateful day!



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