How To Shake Off a Bad Day

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Nothing seems to go quite right. Everyone and everything feels a bit off. Feelings of frustration, resentment, and discomfort rise to the surface. In the middle of it, it’s hard to shake off a bad day.

Earlier this week I had a bad day. It felt unusual and strange as it’s been some time since I had a bad day. All my best practices including blogging about loving life has given me a wonderful gift of mostly great days. (Yes, it’s possible to have a great day almost every day!)

However, even a positive attitude and best life practices don’t banish the occasional bad day. (Maybe that’s even okay. Maybe the bad days make the good days just a little bit better. )

So there I was, having a bad day. I was in a funk. I was getting rubbed the wrong way. A series of situations didn’t go my way but that in itself isn’t so unusual. Nobody really lives a charmed life, do they? Well I don’t anyway. For whatever reason, I was having a bad day.

In the middle of a bad day the best I can do is get through it though of course that’s usually easier said than done. I do have a few ideas to help me get through, and sometimes I can even make a bad day great. If nothing else, I can use these ideas to help me bounce back and have another great day the next day.

How to shake off a bad day

Iz havin' bad day

Yep, it’s a bad day, alright.

Everyone has a bad day from time-to-time. Accept having the occasional bad day is part of life. A bad day is just that- a bad day. Don’t judge yourself, your family and friends, your situation, or your life on the basis of one bad day. Avoid feeling more miserable than the situation calls for. Who wants to feel miserable? (If you do then this isn’t the blog for you!)

Enjoy wine, not whine.

Okay, so you had a bad day. The more energy you give to it, the more you focus on everything that went wrong in your day, the more intensely you experience your negative attitude and emotions. Don’t complain– just don’t! Trust me, it’s not going to make your bad day any better, it’ll only make it worse.

Get comfortable.

In the middle of a bad day is not be the right time to make an important decision or have a difficult conversation. Give yourself a break. Save big decisions and confrontations for a different day. This isn’t the best day to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Just for today, allow yourself to be as comfortable as possible, okay?

Give it a rest.

Speaking of giving yourself a break, in the midst of a bad day is a good time to take breaks. Take as many as you need. Even superheroes need to take breaks or they get very cranky and it usually doesn’t end well. Just ask the Hulk.

So just for me, or really for you, take some breaks when you’re having a bad day (and maybe even when you’re not!)

Be the butt of the joke.

In Stranger Than Fiction, one of my favorite movies, the main character Harold makes a list to determine if the story of his life is a comedy or tragedy. When anything awkward or uncomfortable happens, Harold puts a check in the “comedy” category. Even the worst day can be almost comical from the right perspective.

Don’t take life too seriously. Save the drama for life’s real tragedies, because you’ll have those, too.

Start over again tomorrow!

The best thing you can do when you have a bad day is start over again tomorrow. (Or even start over in the middle of your day. You can reboot your day anytime!)

Don’t dwell or linger on what went wrong yesterday. Be ready to have a great day today! Your life is what you make of it, decide to make it the best of it.

I love your comments! Have you used any of these tips? If not, which are you going to try the next time you have a bad day? How to you recover when you have a bad day?


  1. Bad days are a part of life. We all have them. No matter how many yoga classes you attend or how smoothly your life runs, you’ll run up against one sooner or later. The secret to thriving is learning how to move forward in spite of bad days, not aiming to never have one (although minimizing their frequency is a good thing).

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Shamelle!

      I consider myself a relatively balanced person, but of course this doesn’t mean I’m perfect. As you said, even someone that regularly practices yoga or meditation will still have a bad day from time-to-time!

      I agree moving forward is important when faced with a bad day. It’s just one day after all, unless you decide to hold on to it for days.

      Thanks for stopping by! Have a grateful day!


  2. I hate to hear that you had a bad day but I know what you’re saying here. It happens to the best of us even though we wish it would always pass us by.

    The only way I have a bad day these days Chrysta is when I hear that a friend is very ill or I lose a loved one. My days just go to hell then and there’s nothing I can do to lift my spirits.

    Some of the things I do when I have a bad day is to step back and take some deep breaths. Think about your breathing because when your mind is concentrating on one thing, you can’t think of two things at the same time. Go for a walk, just get outside and look at the sun, the trees, smell the air, think about the beauty of nature and that will help. Know that everything is temporary and all we have is right now. Just let it go because in the big scheme of things, it’s just not really all that important.

    Sounds simple and easier to put into words then actually do a lot of times but it’s great advice. Just thought I would share this with you and hope that day is behind you and we’re on to much better ones.

    Enjoy your week.


    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Adrienne!

      I love the suggestions you shared and, indeed, I have found them all to be great methods for adding perspective, gratitude, and joy to every day!

      One of my favorite good life slogans is “how important is it?” This simple idea is a great way to keep my experience in proportion to what’s actually going on and remind me that a bad day doesn’t last forever.

      I’m so grateful for your sunny disposition, your heartfelt comments, and your genuine caring for others. Thank you for being a shining star!

      Have a grateful day!



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