Happiness Is a Journey

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If you think, “I’ll be happy when…”, it’s likely you won’t ever be truly happy in life. Do you wonder when you’ll finally be happy, when it will finally be your turn? Happiness is a journey, it’s not a destination.

Happiness isn’t

Too often we put conditions on our happiness. Perhaps you think that happiness is getting what you really want in life. You may experience happiness for a day and be unhappy the next because happiness must be experienced, it cannot be achieved. Happiness can’t be bought, sold, or owned.

Happiness isn’t perfection. Happiness isn’t being the person you want to be, or having the things you want to have. Happiness isn’t an external experience, it’s an internal experience.

Happiness is








Happiness is all of these experiences and many more. Things go wrong and things go right. Experiencing happiness in this moment is as simple as embracing the good stuff and letting go of everything else.

There are many paths to happiness, and many expressions of happiness. Be aware that happiness is all around and all you have to do is connect to the happiness inside you.

Happiness is your innate nature. Embrace it. Live it. Be happy every day, not because something good happened to you, but because happiness is the spark of something good happening inside you.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

“For a long time is seemed to me that life was about to begin — real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way,  something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life. This perspective has helped me to see there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. So treasure every moment you have and remember that time waits for no one. Happiness is a journey, not a destination.” ~Alfred D’Souza

If you aren’t happy today, please know that you can be. If you truly can’t be happy today, know you can be happy tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that.

Stop waiting for life to get good and embrace the good in you. Talk the talk of happiness and walk the walk. Choose to be happy and you will be. Be happy for this moment and all the brilliance here and now.

experience happiness

I love your comments! What is happiness to you? How do you embrace happiness in your day?

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  1. hi
    thank you so much for this blog. i hope so many of those
    sad souls who are in pain because they find acceptance difficult..to truly
    absorb how happiness is truly inside us and nothing outside can ever give us true happiness that is constant.

    stay blessed

    • Thank you for your awesome comment, Fatimah!

      You said it, happiness is truly inside us- not outside us. We can be influenced by things outside ourselves but ultimately it is up to each of us to cultivate and nurture the happiness from the inside out!

      Have a grateful day!


  2. This was incredibly true, Chrysta!

    We can’t wait for happiness to come a knocking; we have to just be. I was listening to a show last night, and one of the people on the panelist said, “You have to learn to be happy with what’s already yours, in order to truly be happy.”

    I used to believe that I would find happiness when everything in my life was in place, just the way I wanted it to be. Well, if that were to happen, there’s no telling how long I would have been waiting. 😀 So, I finally realize that I just had to be happy, right where I currently am. What that does is delivers me overwhelming joy when anything else actually happens.

    Loved this post, my friend. Thank you for bring the happiness on this one. 😉

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Deeone!

      If there’s any good that’s resulted from the recession it’s that more and more people are finding happiness with what they have and realizing it doesn’t take much to be happy. I often see headlines on popular news sites about people making a go with limited resources and whenever I read one of these articles the people seem genuinely accepting and happy with their situation- they’re making the best of it.

      It makes me happy to hear that you’ve stopped waiting for the perfect circumstances to be happy. I suspect you would have been waiting a long time as long as you continued to place your happiness on your situation instead of your attitude. Finding happiness in today is a great gift!

      Have a grateful day!


  3. Happiness is really easy to deal with especially when you love what you are doing. Every step that you make in your life with full of happiness will have the assurance to make it grow more and share to others.

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Mika!

      It is easier to be happy when you love what you do, and that is my wish for all people! Of course there is always the need to do some things we don’t love, and some people are stuck in a difficult situation that they can’t seem to get out of. I believe small amounts of happiness can be found in these situations, too, although I admit it’s is more challenging to find happiness in that situation.

      Have a grateful day!


  4. Happiness is about living in present without worrying about the future and thinking about the past. It though may not be easy being happy. With discipline, however we can really earn happiness and time regularly too.
    I think middle class often has a way of ruining their happiness by desiring to be like others. The more we desire , the more we lose. It does not mean that we need not have any aspirations but that we need not worry about the things we don’t have.
    Thanks Chrysta for this thought provoking post.

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Ashvini!

      I love that you shared being present as a path to happiness- I absolutely agree! I cannot be happy if I am hurting from the past or worrying over the future. Happiness is finding joy in the present moment and appreciating all that I have today.

      I also agree that comparing ourselves to others only leads to unhappiness! No matter how much we have, someone else will undoubtedly have more! And outward indicators of success, such as cars and televisions, do not truly make us feel happy if we don’t already hold happiness inside us.

      Have a grateful day!


  5. Hi Chrysta,

    This was a brilliant post and what you wrote is so true.

    The key thing I’ve taken from this post is that happiness is everywhere, every minute of the day. Life events happen and our consciousness becomes clouded by problems. But behind the cloud happiness is always there. We just need to look beyond the cloud and tap into this infinite happiness.

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Hiten! I love the insight you shared about our problems being clouds that block our view from happiness- this is exactly right!

      Life will always have hardship and struggle but there is always both good and bad and we get to choose where we focus our energy and attention. So often I see people treat happiness as if it’s something they will achieve when they are good enough, or when life gets good, instead of recognizing they ARE good enough and life is already good- even if just in small ways.

      I have had my share of suffering and I got through it by making a choice to find the good things in and hold onto them to get me through. If I have to choose between being miserable or happy, I’m going to choose happy no matter how bad my problems get.

      I absolutely love what you’ve shared here! Thank you for joining the conversation!

      Have a grateful day!


  6. How true Chrysta, how very very true.

    I remember a lesson learned some time ago that has stuck with me for many years. This personal development coach was hired by a man because he wanted to be as happy and successful as his neighbor.

    He asked him why and he told him that his neighbor had a really big house, a brand new expensive car and they were always taking vacations. So he asked him how he was in his personal life and he told him that he had recently had a heart attack and was recuperating from surgery and he was very overweight.

    The coach told him that the only thing he was seeing was this man from the outside and not the inside. That things and possessions don’t make a person happy, it’s what’s inside.

    As you know, I’ve always been a happy person because I’m so grateful for my life. It truly comes from within and it has nothing to do what what you own. Looks can be deceiving.

    Love your message Chrysta and I hope that everyone is as happy as we are.

    Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter!


    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Adrienne! And thank you for sharing that great story- I love how it shows that happiness is not on the outside.

      In my life I have lived a middle-class life, and I have experienced poverty, and I can say life is not better with more money. Certainly life is easier with more wealth, but wealth did not make me happier any more than poverty made me sad. Happiness and economic status certainly affect each other, but if someone does not embrace happiness inside themselves it matters not how much status they have!

      Thanks for joining the conversation! Happy Easter and have a grateful day!


  7. Happiness to me- Is simply making the best of whatever situation is placed in front of me. Love your post….

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Sara!

      I love that you shared happiness is making the best of your situation. I have lived through a lot of hard times in my life and I have survived, and ultimately thrived, by making the best of life. I could certainly complain and feel sorrow for my situation but that will not make me happy so I don’t. :)

      Have a grateful day!


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