What to do when you had a bad day at work

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It was one of those days. One of those days when I left work I was just done. One of those days that left me feeling drained and exhausted.

All said and done, this bad work day is nothing more than a series of less-than-ideal experiences. My life is neither better nor worse for a bad day at work. But as I sat down to write, and believe me, I didn’t want to, I got to thinking about getting over the bad-day slump. What am I going to make of this day?

Oh, that’s right, I get to decide what to make of this day. The frustration and stress are over now. Am I really going to let this unpleasant experience ruin my evening, too?

The answer is no.

Moving past a bad day isn’t just about feeling better. A positive attitude helps you get more done, appreciate life more, and other people are more likely to appreciate you. And the more people appreciate you, the more likely you are to get recognized and rewarded at work. I want more good stuff at work, don’t you?

So that got me thinking about how I can turn around a bad day. And I can think of lots of ways. Then I thought, “this would make a pretty good blog post!”

So maybe you had a bad day, too. And maybe you are going to take responsibility for yourself and your happiness. Maybe you’re looking for ways to move on from a bad day. I got you covered.

How to turn around a bad day

had a bad day

Get your body moving!

Exercise releases endorphins that trigger positive feelings. So get your body moving. Take a walk. Dance to your favorite song. Go for a bike run. Go for a run. It doesn’t matter how you move your body as long as you move it!

Eat a delicious meal

Studies show that eating can also release stress-reducing endorphins. Dark chocolate and spicy foods are specifically known to boost good feelings. Maybe sometimes it’s okay to eat for your mood.

Drink a cool, tall glass of water

Did you know even mild hydration can negatively affect your mood? It’s true. So drink a tall glass of refreshing H2O because hydration makes you happy!

Get gratitude

Gratitude is an instant mood-lifter! Take out a piece of paper and write down what you’re grateful for- anything and everything you’re grateful for- including things you enjoy about your work. Try to list at least 10 things. You’re probably feeling better already!

Don’t complain

When you complain you revisit a negative experience over and over again. If your complaint won’t result in a change in your situation, well, what’s the point of complaining? Why keep yourself in that pain?

Release frustrations

Find a healthy way to release feelings of anger, stress, disappointment, and frustration.

You can try imagining filling a backpack with your complaints, taking the pack off your back and setting it on the floor. If you start to feel the weight of it, take it off again.

You might try journaling about your day and turn the page, leaving your journal open to an empty page.

Take my suggestions or make up your own! The important thing it so find some way to give a voice to your frustrations and then release them.

 Make a change

If you find you have a bad day at work more often than not, it may be time to make a change in your career.

I’m a career coach with 100% success rate getting clients hired, promoted, and negotiating raises. If it’s time to make a change in your career, contact me at chrysta@liveandlovework.com to schedule a complimentary Love Your Work strategy session.

Tell me, what do you do when you’ve had a bad day at work? How do you turn it around?

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