6 ways to a kick-ass day!

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What makes a kick-ass day? Is it everything going your way? It is luck? Is it everything happening according to plan- no way!

Most of the time you choose what kind of day you’re going to have. In some cases, you don’t actively choose but by not choosing you end up having a reactive day- being knocked around like a pinball against the flippers and bumpers of your life.

I’ve had a string of not-so-good, even very bad, days. It went on for weeks. I struggled and kicked and screamed and it didn’t get better. Or, I might say, it didn’t get better until I remembered I decide what kind of day I’m going to have.

With a few small positive habits I went from having a string of bad days to a string of good days. Nothing changed but me.

6 Ways to Have a Kick-Ass Day

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01. Stretch

Start and end your day with a few simple stretches- whatever stretches feel good to you. Where are you tight and tense? Gently stretch those areas- give ’em a little TLC.

Stretching engages you in your body and helps you be grounded within yourself. When you’re grounded and relaxed in your own body all that stuff that happens in your day is less likely to knock you around.

02. Be grateful

Start and end your day with gratitude, too. Write a short, or long, gratitude list. Think of all the things that are great!

It’s easy to focus on the bad stuff that happens to you, and gratitude helps you gain perspective, balancing the good and the bad. When you have perspective you are able to face challenges with calm and grace, and make more mindful decisions.

03. Love, don’t fear

Respond to the world with love instead of fear. Ask yourself, “how can I be loving in this moment?” Loving not to just one individual- loving to yourself, those around you, and the world. Imagine what would it look like to relate to the world with love.

When you’re thoughts, words, and actions are motivated by fear you’re usually not making the best choices for you or anyone else. When you respond with love, you make choices you and those around you can live with.

(I know this one may feel awkward, difficult, or strange but try it, it works!)

04. Rest

Get a good night’s sleep, take a nap, take a break! Take care of yourself.

You’re not at your best when you’re running on empty so make sleep and rest a priority. No excuses! Do it!

05. Drink water

Drink plenty of water- starting first thing in the morning and throughout the day.

Dehydration does a number on your body- and your mind. Even mild dehydration will affect your stress levels, and your ability to make good decisions.

06. Make a choice

At the start of your day, make a choice to have a kick-ass day. Take it a step further and tell others, “I’m gonna rock this day!”

When you set an intention everything else seems to fall into place. You have a purpose and the world will conspire to help you achieve that purpose! No, really, it’s true!


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