10 Ways to a positive attitude

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What’s your attitude today? Is your attitude improving your experience? Your attitude influences your happiness, your health, and your success. And it’s not just you- it affects other people, too.

I work with a perfectly wonderful woman who has an unfortunate attitude. When her attitude isn’t getting the better of her, she’s great! But lately her attitude has turned negative- she’s judgmental, snarky, and downright rude. While I’m often able to avoid taking on other people’s attitudes, there is truth to the idea that attitudes are contagious and, well, I caught her attitude like a nasty bout of the flu.

I found myself feeling irritable and resentful. I complained about her. I thought about her when I wasn’t at work. Then it hit me- that’s not the way I choose to live my life. I want to make the best of the life I have. I want to be happy.

I chose to change my attitude. I chose to live the life I want.

What do you want your life to be like? How do you choose to interact with your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers?

If you’re like me and you want a great life you can choose any attitude you want. It may take practice, but at any moment of any day you can reboot your attitude.

10 Ways to a positive attitude


01. Compliment, don’t complain

Complaining focusing on everything you don’t want more of in your life. Focus on the good stuff in people and you’ll notice more and more of the good stuff that’s already there!

02. Focus on solutions

You’re likely to feel unhappy and stuck if you focus your attention on problems. Instead, try focusing on solutions.

Brainstorm possible solutions to the problem you’re facing. Ask others what’s worked for them. If you’re stuck, shift your attention to a problem you can solve.

03. Let go of what’s not important to you

Decide what’s important to you and practice letting go of everything else. If something is not truly important to you, why let it worry you? If it’s not part of the life you want for yourself, it’s probably not important.

04. Be grateful

No matter your situation, there are reasons to be grateful. Write a gratitude list, say thank you, be actively grateful and you’ll notice you feel happier and more content with the life you have right now.

05. Celebrate your victories

Big or small, take a moment to acknowledge your victories. What have you accomplished today? Enjoy it!

06. Smile

Smiling has this funny way of improving your attitude. Smiling boosts your mood, and has a positive impact on people around you which in turn causes them to smile and have a positive impact on you!

07. Take care of your health

It’s difficult to have a positive attitude when you are hungry or tired. Eat regular, healthy meals. Get a good night’s sleep. Take breaks. Breathe deep. Take care of you!

08. Do something you love

Each and every day, do something you love to do.

09. Feel great

You believe what you say. If someone asks how you’re doing, tell them you’re doing great- with enthusiasm! You may not feel great in the moment but you will start to feel it when you say it and realize you have no good reason not to be great! (Come on, do you really have a reason not to be great today?)

10. Do your best and forget the rest!

You can only do what you can do so let that be enough. It IS enough.



  1. well hello Chrysta, I particularly love number 3. Having read The Happiness Advantage in which this is translated into the Zorro circle of things you can control and influence.

    If we care about something enough we will find a way to expand our circle to bring all those things into it, for all other things as you point out we should just let them go


  2. Great tips, Chrysta :)

    I rely mostly on talking to myself. When I find myself getting angry at something or someone else (or catching their attitude), I tell myself to come down; I ask, what’s the purpose of getting angry, rude or being frustrated?

    No real purpose..just view this as another challenge, a challenge to take on 😀

    It works for most cases (of course, there are cases in which the emotion is too powerful; it overcomes my logical brain easily).

    I will give some of these a try :) See how it goes. Thank you for sharing!

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