An invitation to enjoy life

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Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Thinking about how things are and how I want them to be.

I don’t control life. All I can do is my best on any given day. How it all works out- well that’s the result of not just my actions but the actions of thousands- maybe even millions- of people, each doing our part and affecting the world in a thousand small and sometimes big ways. My point is, I don’t control life. I can do my part and that’s all I can do. What happens next, that’s not up to me.

I need to be reminded that it’s not up to me because I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how to change things- how to get a better or different outcome. My actions certainly do affect my life, but when I’m already what I can, then I’m doing all I can do.

So thinking about thinking got me thinking. (Wow, that sentence was exhausting just to type! Overthinking much?) I’ve been doing so much thinking about my life, I forgot to stop and just enjoy life.

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Enjoy life.

Experience all that today has to offer and not worry about the outcomes of tomorrow. What am I doing today that’s important? How can I embrace this day? How can I enjoy it?

Be grateful. Have fun. Show kindness. Feel love. Be silly. Indulge in “me” time. Go for a walk. Do something that matters. Celebrate. Be in the moment.

My invitation to myself, and my invitation to you, is to simply enjoy life today.

I love your comments! How will you enjoy life today?


  1. Hello; this is a very timely post reminding us to enjoy the moment during the holiday time of the year is very good and needed advice. I have hung out with the family. i exercise most every day nothing serious some stationary bike or tread mill for 30 to 45 minutes while reading an uplifting or inspirational book. i pet my dog. me and a friend recently had a conversation about how our pets really get unconditional love and are always in the moment. thanks for the post and take care, max

  2. I do enjoy my life, but these days, I feel that my life is boring (I do try to make it more interesting – adding more activities to the list, doing things differently and so forth. But, sometimes, it is just boring).

    But, I am grateful and satisfied with what I have in my life (but, not necessarily with my own actions. I feel that I could do more, to improve this world, to help those in need. I suppose it is for the good 😀 Hopefully I will be able to accomplish those ‘goals’).

    Anyways, thank you for the post, Chrysta :) Appreciate it!

    • Thank you so much for adding to the conversation, Jeevan!

      I struggle when I feel life is getting boring- I am an active person that gets stuff done! But I also know it is a good thing for me, personally, to have a little boring now and then, even if I think I’d rather be doing more. Sometimes I can make myself a little crazy! ha ha!

      Have a fantastic day, Jeevan! Keep being awesome!


  3. Such a wonderful reminder, Chrysta! It IS easy to keep our lives under a microscope to such a degree that we can only see what is “wrong” with it. The beauty of the unfolding can sometimes be lost. Thank you for sharing and reminding!

    • Welcome and thank you so much for commenting, Dawna!

      I have dreams and goals and yes, those are good things, but I also need to just simply enjoy the day! After all, what good will it be to fulfill my dreams and goals if I can’t even enjoy it when I get there? And if I can enjoy today… well, I’m probably going to have a difficult time enjoying tomorrow!

      As you said, there is beauty in the unfolding of life- enjoy the process! :)

      Have a grateful day!


  4. Thanks for a lovely, life-affirming post, Chrysta, and a message we can’t hear too often, in my view. I do now make an effort to enjoy and appreciate more and more of my life every day. The older I get the more conscious I am of how short life is and it seems so stupid and pointless to waste one moment of it worrying about what may or may not happen tomorrow. It sounds as if the article Liz mentions summed it up very well.

    Seize the day – that’s my motto – you never know if you’re going to get another one :)

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Susan! I completely agree- I need the reminder as often as I can get it! :)

      Plans and goals are important for enriching my life but enjoying this day, right now, is what empowers my life! I must have enrichment and empowerment for a truly happy and rewarding life.

      I’m looking forward to checking out the article Liz mentioned. Thanks so much for your comment!


  5. Hi Chrysta,

    I think we all keep striving for that…to lead a happy life that we enjoy :)

    But we sometimes tend to get caught up in things we wouldn’t like to be stuck with – that is also part of life I’d say. A perfect blend of ups and downs. I too wish we could live in the present – the now, and sometimes when one has that kind of free time, we do sit back and just be still , in the present – I think those are the real enjoyable moments, or else when you are away from work, and with people or things you want to be – total bliss.

    Such moments are rare I know, for most of us I’d say, but when they are there – we need to embrace them, isn’t it. Just be thankful for what life gives you.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend :)

    • Thanks so much for your awesome comment, Harleena!

      Life is a blend of ups and downs, and I enjoy it most when I can live in the present. It’s so easy to get caught up in the future, or distracted by the past. The past and future are important, but so is today and if I can’t enjoy today then I may not enjoy tomorrow, either!

      As you suggested, total bliss is often when I sit back and be still- even if just for a few minutes each day.

      Hope you had a fantastic weekend and have a fabulous week to come!


  6. Hi Chrysta,

    I do try to enjoy life, but I don’t think many of us do. That sounds sort of strange but we get so caught up in anxieties, to do lists, stresses and the like that we can’t just enjoy.

    I read a really good article just the other day called the ‘Power of Now’. In a nutshell it said that true enjoyment comes from living in the now.

    In other words how often have the failures and regrets of the past absorbed so much of our attention that we can’t enjoy what’s in front of us right now?

    How many times do we wait for things like a new job, our next vacation or retirement?
    It went on to say that we we are often waiting in order to start living when we could be living while we are waiting.

    Anyway, I liked that :-)

    Thanks Chrysta.


    • Thanks so much for your awesome comment, Liz! The “Power of Now” article you mention sounds fantastic- I hope I can find it online. Do you have a link for it?

      I think part of the reason living in the now is so difficult is because we live in a society that still believes in the model of work hard so you can enjoy life later. On top of that we’ve got advertisers spending billions of dollars to tell us our lives aren’t really satisfying but they will be when we buy this or that product. We’re constantly getting the message that life will be good when…. not now, but when. So we focus on the when and try to achieve as many whens as we can, only to start looking for the next when.

      You’re right, happiness is right here, right now. Enjoying the life we have today is the secret to enjoying the life we’ll have tomorrow. If we can’t appreciate what we have, it will never be enough.

      Have a wonderful day! Thanks again!


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