How to find beauty in life’s ups and downs

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Coming off a “down” last week, I was struck by the beauty of life.

Faced with a difficult family situation I was overcome with sadness, frustration, and anger. I struggled with the situation for several days, on the edge of tears much of the time. After several difficult days I found a renewed sense of purpose and motivation in my pursuit of living my best life- the purpose of being on this journey and writing this blog.

Before this recent challenge, I had been feeling just a little complacent, as sometimes happens when things are going smoothly. I was doing a lot of the right things without thinking much about it. What I was doing was fine, but I wasn’t truly engaged in my life. This “down” gave me the kick in the butt I needed to embrace my life and reminded me why it’s important to me.

Without sadness I couldn’t feel joy. Without pain I wouldn’t feel pleasure. It is the shifting notes that create music out of sound, and the ups and downs we experience create the beauty in life.

There is no permanence in life and it is the varied experiences, emotions, and perceptions that create life’s music. If I feel happy I will enjoy it for as long as it lasts. If I feel sad I will honor my sadness but not despair because I know I will be happy again, and I know some moments of sadness are necessary to fully appreciate happiness whenever I create it.

“Life is full of ups and downs, so put your hands in the air and enjoy the ride.” ~Anonymous

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How to Find Beauty in Life’s Ups and Downs

Enjoy the good times

Do you really enjoy the good times as they happen and not just when you look back on them? Be present and truly enjoy all the wonders of this life and the good times will help carry you through the bad.

Seek comfort in difficult times

You don’t have to go through it alone, so don’t.

Take care of yourself

In good times and bad, take good care of yourself. Becoming mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy makes the best of good days and gives you strength on bad days.

Be as happy as possible

Stop waiting for life to get good to be happy, be happy and life will be good.

Always be kind- always

Be kind to yourself and others. Kindness has magical powers that ease discomfort and pain.

Don’t believe everything you feel

Haven’t you ever felt fear watching a scary movie even though you’re not in danger? Your feelings alone do not make life good or bad, they’re just a small part of the experience.

Don’t believe everything you think

Observe your thoughts without attaching yourself to every thought. Adjust your thinking when necessary.

Be open to the opportunities presented to you

Life is full of wonderful opportunities and all too often these opportunities are missed because you’re looking too hard at just one possible outcome- be open to all the possible outcomes.

Be grateful

It’s nearly impossible to be grateful and sad at the same time, and gratitude is a key ingredient in happiness. Remember, there’s always something to be grateful for.

Live life on life’s terms

Stop basing your well-being on how things work out. Do your best with what you have and life will work out a whole lot better (and you’ll feel less disappointment, too.)

Let go

Sometimes you just have to let go or be dragged. Which do you prefer?



  1. Your attitude towards all this is perfect. Happiness is a conscious choice that we make every day (and sometimes every moment). Even if external circumstances are bad, we have the choice as to how we react to them. Choosing patience, hope, and humor will only make you that much stronger and more grateful for the ups.

    I LOVE your point “sometimes you have to let go or be dragged.” It sounds like you’ve learned a lot from this down, and the fine art of letting go is something some people go their whole lives without learning.

    With you all the way.

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Kelly!

      I love “let go or get dragged” because it so simply reminds me I always have choices and I can make a choice that’s good for my health or a choice that will extend my sadness/anger/frustration- it’s so simple!

      Thanks again for stopping by today! Have a grateful day!


  2. Chrysta,

    It stinks as we’re going through the downs but thank you for sharing these important lessons with all of us! Two really stand out to me: Don’t always believe what you think or feel. It’s hard to separate ourselves from our thoughts and feelings but sometimes that’s just what we need to do to uncover the truth. I have a friend that asks a spectacular coaching question on just that: “Who would you be without that thought?” It’s one i ask myself often and it help with the turnaround to positivity and living the life I want to lead.

    Many thanks, Chrysta!

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Alli!

      I absolutely love the question, “who would you be without that thought?” A clarifying and empowering question, indeed.

      My life used to be a roller coaster of reactions to the stimulus in my life. A minor annoyance blew up into a major problem in my mind and often I even created a crisis where there was none before by giving too much power to my thoughts and feelings. Learning to observe my thoughts and feelings without attaching to every one helped me find peace and serenity in my life. I can feel annoyed when someone cuts me off in traffic and then let that thought pass so I don’t create a “bad” day out of a perfectly good day.

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Have a grateful day!


  3. Chrysta, You have a great perspective and an important one, especially when challenging times hit. Sorry you are experiencing them but it does give us pause and time to reflect on the good things and the insights learned. All the best, and great points to embrace! Jon

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Jon!

      I appreciate your support and friendship, as well as your wisdom and inspiration. I’m so grateful to share experiences with so many thoughtful and positive friends!

      Have a grateful day!


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