A Year of Living Fearlessly

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When I look at past struggles in life there is a common theme: fear. When I feel overwhelmed, when I feel stress, when I think too much- there is my old friend fear. Fear is behind boredom, complacency, discontent. My fear likes to whisper the worst case scenario in my ear; sometimes I even believe it. Fear warns me of all the things that could go wrong. It tells me to keep doing what I’m doing. It tells me change is a bad thing.

Fear is a liar.

The things I fear most are unlikely to come to pass and even when they do it’s never as bad as I feared. Fear’s power lies in anticipation, it lies in my mind. When I face my fears I find I am capable and competent. I can handle this. I can do this! If I don’t know how, I will learn. Oh, and by the way, I rock! Suck on it, fear! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

My one word goal for 2013 is FEARLESS.

This year I will fear less. I will trust myself. I will trust the process. I will relax and enjoy the ride. I will trust that a positive outcome is just as likely as a negative one. I will believe that all things are working together for good.

As I embark upon a year of living fearlessly, I will rock these 10 steps to be fearless:

01. Don’t believe everything you feel.

Emotions are information, not real world situations. I can be aware of my feelings and let them be just that- feelings. Just because I feel fear doesn’t mean I’m danger, unless you count the danger of dying unfulfilled and unhappy.

02. Don’t believe everything you think.

Perspective is everything and my thoughts are often an extension of past experiences but I’m embarking on a new experience! I can choose to act on thoughts that encourage a happy, healthy life and let go of thoughts that don’t.

03. Stop trying to figure it all out.

I’m sorry to break it to me, but I don’t know everything. I never have and I never will. It’s not up to me to figure it all out. Trying to figure it out invites my fear to set up camp in my head as I go over and over and over every possible scenario. I’ve got to get off the merry-go-round and stop over-thinking!

04. Do the work.

Productive activity exercises my heart, my body, and my mind. When I get stuff done I enjoy a sense of accomplishment and set the stage for an awesome tomorrow! I have to stop dreaming, stop wishing, stop thinking and do something!

05. Do what you can do today.

What happens tomorrow is not a problem for today. I don’t even know what will happen tomorrow. What I can do today is my best for this day only. I can be my best today. My best today may be just getting through the day, and that’s okay. Other days my best today will be amazing!

06. Be kind.

Kindness is a simple and powerful act that restores my faith in the goodness of life. I can do something nice for myself like take a walk or enjoy a good book. I can do something nice for someone else like smiling at a stranger or telling someone I love them. Kindness fills me up with good stuff so there’s less room for fear.

07. Be grateful.

Gratitude is the cure for all that ails me. Gratitude cheers me up when I feel down. Gratitude puts life in perspective.  Any time I can write a short gratitude list and change my attitude. Gratitude washes my fears away.

08. Be honest.

I am most often tempted to be dishonest when my fear tells me bad things will happen if I am truthful but the truth is honesty honors me. When I am honest with myself I can do the things I think I cannot do and say no to the things that aren’t right for me. When I am honest, I am free to be the person I want to be.

09. Just do it.

Sometimes I just have to do it. It doesn’t matter how it works out. It does matter that I tried.

10. Believe in yourself.

When I look back at all I have overcome, I am awed. When I see all I have accomplished, I am powerful. I AM POWERFUL. I can do this. Oh, yeah!

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LLW-ICONS-e1310587621360I love your comments! Do you live fearlessly? How will you be fearless today?



  1. that`s some great 10 steps for fearing less. I`ll be saving this post, think it`ll be good to have at hand when life gives me lemons and I`m too afraid to make any smashinginly good lemonade out of it. I guess I was a bit fearless today, finally losened my tight grip on my family problems, and briefly mentioned it in a post I wrote. perhaps that will be my first step in sharing my problems with the world, just need some more confidence first!

    • Thanks for your awesome comment! <3

      I hope as the year progresses we can inspire each other to continue to be fear less and enjoy the great things in store when we shed our fears. I'm looking forward to reading your recent post.

      Have a grateful day!


  2. Hi Chrysta,

    I’m with you on this one girl. I let fear hold me back way too long on so many things. It can wrap you up and hold on tight never letting you go unless we finally make up our minds that we’ve had enough.

    Toward the end of last year I finally realized why I wasn’t where I wanted to be and it all had to do with fear. So like you, I’ve kicked fear out of my life and I’m moving through it anyway. I’ve had it, I’m done and I’m movin on.

    So here’s to kicking fear in the ass and making this the best year ever. Glad to know I have someone else going through the same thing.

    Rock on girl!


    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Adrienne!

      I’m so glad to be (mostly) back into the swing of things after surgery and able to read more blogs and catch up with commenting. Having that downtime during my healing helped me reflect on the live I want versus the life I have and I realized it was only my fear that was keeping me from taking the next step. I continue to be grateful for and happy with whatever joys are in my life today, but then whenever my fear is behind my inaction I feel less grateful and more stuck. Well, no more!

      I look forward to seeing you grow and I hope we can continue to be a source of motivation and inspiration for ourselves and each other as the year goes on!

      Have a grateful day!


  3. Thanks for a great read :)

    • Thanks for your great reply, Cindy! I always appreciate comments. :)

      Have a fantastic day!


  4. I love your New Years resolution – so simple yet powerful! The 10 steps are great too.

    I’ve done high ropes courses a few times, which has always been a great way for me to literally and symbolically face my fears. At the end of the course there’s a “swing” they harness you into and you have to step off a platform 50 feet in the air to swing down. It’s scary and thrilling and satisfying! Ive found that facing fear is all about trusting; trusting that the harness will keep you safe, and trusting that you’re better off facing your fear than not. I love FDR’s quote for this reason, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” It’s a great mantra!

    Happy New Year!

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Ariana!

      Many years ago I had the opportunity to do a ropes course and I didn’t do it because I was too scared- I wouldn’t let that stop me today.

      The first time I rode a scooter I was terrified but once I tried it I fell in love with life on 2 wheels and haven’t looked back. Every time I ride I know there are big risks in riding but the payoff is so worth it! I’ve discovered living a great life is a lot like riding a motorcycle/scooter- to make the most of it I have to use the information my fear gives me to make good decisions without letting my fear keep me from riding confidently!

      Thanks again for dropping by! Have a grateful day!


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