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Have you dreamed of quitting your job and risking it all in pursuit of your dream career? I encourage every one of you to pursue passion and purpose in your career without buying into the idea that your life will be great when… when you get a promotion, when you get a raise, when you finally have the career you’ve always wanted.

Your happiness at work isn’t a result of an ideal work situation, it’s the result of your mindset and attitude. Choose to be happy and create love in your work-life today.

You can get the most of the career you have now and find contentment and happiness in your work-life. Dare to dream and explore, just not at the expense of your present joy.

You can love your work-life through active participation and engagement. Here are some tips to love the work-life you have:

Take advantage of training opportunities.
Find out what training opportunities your employer offers and take advantage of them. Does your employer offer tuition reimbursement? What about internal training programs? Does your company sponsor membership in professional associations?

Training opportunities engage you in learning and loving your career. They build confidence and increase commitment.

Find a mentor.
If you know someone that has what you seek in your own career, ask them to mentor you. A mentor works with you one-on-one in your career development, sharing knowledge and resources and supporting you in your career goals.

Mentor others.
Sharing your experience and career success with a protégé builds leadership skills, and allows you to gain perspective through the eyes of your protégé.

Mentoring others can help you track your career progress and build your confidence.

Do your best work.
If you’re not passionate about your job it can be easy to check out, doing only the minimal amount of effort to get the job done.

Challenge yourself to do your best work every day. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and you’re efforts will likely gain notice of people who can help you achieve your goals.

Track your accomplishments.
Keeping track of your professional accomplishments will help you recognize your strengths, as well as increasing your confidence in your abilities.

As an added bonus, you can leverage your accomplishments in your performance review and during salary and job negotiations.

Volunteer for special projects and assignments.
Build your skills by volunteering for special projects and assignments.

You will feel more engaged in your job if you have challenge and variety in your work, and you’ll have the opportunity to exercise problem solving techniques.

build relationships

Develop relationships.
Build positive, friendly relationships with your co-workers. Not only are your co-workers part of your professional network, having a friend at work will help you reduce stress and provide opportunity to have fun at work.

Participating in committees, groups and teams will increase your engagement at work. You will have a voice, learn how the company works, and raise your visibility.

Be positive.
A positive attitude goes a long way, especially in the workplace. Your co-workers will be drawn to your positive attitude and you’ll soon find you enjoy being at work.

Be proactive.
Seek out solutions to problems without being asked and show initiative!

Try something new.
Learn a new aspect of your current job, or apply a skill in a new way. Be innovative and creative!

Do work at work, and leave it there.
Focus on work when you’re in the office, and don’t take your work home with you. Work-life balance goes a long way to increasing your satisfaction with your job.

Dress appropriately for your work environment.
We all like to be comfortable, and dressing comfortably and appropriately for your work environment can help separate work and play. Maintaining a professional persona at work is important in balancing your work and life.

Use your talents and skills.
Find ways to use your talents and skills in your current job. Not only will you keep your skills up-to-date, you’ll enjoy your work more.

Like taking on a special project, cross-training is a great opportunity to gain new experience and add variety to your work day.

Be helpful.
Helping others strengthens your connection to your network, and can help build credibility and a positive reputation at work.

Being engaged in your work will improve your work experience. Every one of these tips will also help you transition into a career of your dreams where you can love what you do and do what you love.

I love your comments! I invite you to pick 2 of these tips to implement in your work-life. Which 2 will you try?

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  1. Chrysta, this is such an important message! It’s not always about jumping off the deep end; it’s also about making the best of each and every moment.

    These are such valuable tips! I especially like how you mention developing relationships, being helpful and participating more. In any job, we can choose to build relationships with those around us. They can become advice-givers, shoulders to cry on or even contacts in the future!

    • I’m so grateful for your comment, Samantha! Thank you!

      It is so important to my happiness to practice making the most of what I have right now. My goals and dreams are a great source of inspiration and motivation, but I don’t want to spend my life chasing after a prize, thinking I’ll be satisfied some time in the future. I want to practice fully engaging and enjoying today!

      Building relationships is so important. We can strengthen our network with the people we work with every day and networking happens at work as much as it does outside work!

      Statistics suggest more people are getting jobs from referrals, and getting referrals requires building relationships with people you already know. If they don’t know what you’re capable of, why would they recommend you? And it’s difficult to let people know what you can do if you’re not participating and being helpful!

      Have a grateful day, my friend!


  2. That’s a mouthful of advice..but all of them really worth it. One more tip – Relax. We need to relax. We need to make up our minds and relax to improve our productivity time to time..

    • Relaxing is a great tip, Jaky! I couldn’t agree more.


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