Find your recognition motivators and love your work-life!

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What kind of recognition to you desire in your work-life? Office Team’s Recognize Results survey suggests that office professionals desire many forms of achievement recognition from raises or cash bonuses, training, and membership in professional organizations to a simple “thank you”.

From Office Team’s survey, the forms of recognition valued most by administrative professionals, as ranked by managers and support staff:

1. Promotion
2. Cash
3. Paid time off
4. Boss shares achievement with senior management
5. In-person thank you

Administrative Professionals
1. In-person thank you (tied for first)
2. Boss shares achievement with senior management (tied for first)
3. Promotion
4. Membership to a professional organization
5. Registration for a conference or seminar

Love your work-life and get the recognition you desire by knowing of the type of recognition that motivates you and sharing your personal preferred forms of recognition with your boss. Ask for what you want from your work and you take ownership of your success. Taking ownership gives you self-confidence and allows you to have the opportunity to grow, positively affect your career, and add to your accomplishments.


  1. nice to see someone that wants to work and be happy! love life, work hard, feel good about your accomplishments!

    • Hi Brett! Thanks for your comment. Being happy in life is, for me, an ongoing and active practice. I’m so grateful for the people in my life that have helped me adopt a more positive and active viewpoint and I’m grateful to share that with others.


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