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Chrysta Bairre Speaking

Popular topics include

Communicating With Confidence in Business

Inspiring confidence has a greater impact on your career success than the quality of your work. Learn how to communicate with confidence.

Key Takeaways:

  • When it’s appropriate to say no in business situations
  • How to say no
  • Four words that undermine your credibility and what to say instead

Work-life Balance for Entrepreneurs: How to build a successful business on your terms

Stop sacrificing your health and happiness to get and stay ahead. Grow your business and live your life without losing yourself!

Key Takeaways:

  • Do less of the right things for the best results
  • Why your purpose matters
  • How to master productivity so you work smarter, not harder

Past notable engagements

Ignite Fort Collins

Ignite Denver

Startup Week Entrepreneur Events: Fort Collins Startup Week

Colorado State University

The Fort Collins Rotary Satellite

Aurora Chamber of Commerce -Women in Business

Polka Dot Powerhouse – Arvada Chapter

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