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11 Ways to Increase Your Income

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Just about everyone wants to make more money- myself included!

Unfortunately, few people will see their income increase much in the next year because they’re going about it all wrong. Most people are looking for the right strategy that will put more money in their pocket. They think what we need is the perfect elevator pitch, the cookie-cutter sales funnel, or salary negotiation tactic.

money please

The problem with seeking a strategy to get more money is that strategy won’t be effective if you spend the rest of your time minimizing your contributions, undermining your expertise, and keeping quiet when you should speak up.

Every day you show people what you think you’re worth in your day-to-day interactions and relationships. If you have a habit of deflecting praise, for example, your boss might start to think you don’t really work all hard, or that it comes easy to you.

It usually goes something like this:

Boss: “Thanks for getting that report to me yesterday.”

You: “It was nothing!”


Boss: “You did a great job on the Johnson project.”

You: “Thanks but I missed that typo and forgot to send the email reminder about the meeting.”

STOP, please stop, brushing off praise! Try receiving it instead!

For example:

Boss: “Thanks for getting that report to me yesterday.”

You: “You’re welcome!”


Boss: “You did a great job on the Johnson project.”

You: “Thank you! I worked hard on it and I already have some ideas for future improvements!”

If you’re an entrepreneur you may be making similar mistakes when it comes to accepting praise. It goes something like this:

Client: “Wow, I love the logo you created!”

You: “Really? Because I can create something else if you don’t like it (and I won’t ask you to pay more for additional mock-ups!)”


Client: “Working with you has been amazing!”

You: “….kthxbye…”

What if you could receive appreciation and really take it in? What if you could own that praise instead?!

For example:

Client: “Wow, I love the logo you created!”

You: “I’m so glad you like it! Here’s your invoice.”


Client: “Working with you has been amazing!”

You: “I’ve enjoyed working with you, too, and I’m thrilled you got the results you wanted. Will you give me a referral?”

Are you starting to see how you show up through your work has a direct impact on your income? If you aren’t owning your value in your business relationships, you probably aren’t getting paid what you’re worth. How you communicate your value in everyday interactions either increases or decreases other people’s perception of your value.

Here are 11 ways to increase your income.

increase your income

01. Receive, don’t reject, appreciation and praise!

02. Renegotiate when the scope of work changes, i.e. don’t do extra work for free!

03. Say yes when you mean yes, and no when it’s appropriate to say no.

04. Avoid using justifying and/or self-shaming language like “should”, “just”, and “sorry”, and more examples HERE and HERE!

05. Set and stick to your working hours. If you don’t value your time, no one else will, either.

06. Be the absolute best at what you do, and stop trying to do everything for everyone!

07. Stop complaining!

08. When a situation isn’t serving you, walk away. Even if it means leaving money on the table in the short term.

09. Own up to your mistakes.

10. Be grateful.

11. Believe in yourself.

When you communicate your value with your thoughts, words, and actions, other people value you. This increase in your worth leads to more opportunities, more impact, and more income!

Don’t forget to download the worksheet for my free 8-step plan to discover your next big, bold career move! Just enter your name and email below!

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How to get the job you want

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If you’re looking for bad in the world, you’ll find it. If you’re looking for good in the world,  you’ll find that, too.

So what do you get when you’re looking for a job? You get the job you’re looking for.

The problem is most job seekers aren’t clear on what job they’re looking for. When I ask job seekers what job they want, they typically list a variety of jobs with vastly different descriptions and skills. It goes something like this… “well, I can do accounting, or HR, or admin. Or” as an afterthought, “marketing.”

Or, worse yet, job seekers are looking for the job they think they can get, not the job they want.

If you’re looking for the wrong job, you’ll find it.

get the job you want

So how do you look for the right job? Here’s a simple exercise I use with clients to get clear on exactly what you’re looking for.

Write a reverse classified ad. Write the job posting for the job you want!

Using the above example, it might look something like this:

Dynamic office manager with 8 years experience in accounting, HR, and marketing seeks opportunity with a small-to-medium sized business in the Denver area. The ideal organization has a great company culture that values creativity, collaboration, and innovation. 

The ideal organization is a service-based consulting business that has been in business 5+ years with a proven track-record of growth, offers competitive pay and benefits, flex time, and promotes from within. 

As you can see from the example,  the picture of this candidate’s ideal job is clear. This candidate knows exactly what she is looking for, and she will find it.

The reason she will find this job is because she can clearly and easily communicate what she is looking for and she can focus her attention on only those opportunities that are a match. And, because of her clarity, her passion and enthusiasm will easily shine through in her job search. Employers want to hire people who are passionate and excited about the job for which they are hiring.

And, the reverse classified ad exercise works for a variety of situations besides your job search! For example, use this exercise if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to attract more clients.

The reverse classified is also useful when you’re shopping for a car or home, looking to adopt a new furry family member, or you’ve just moved and you want to make friends in your new neighborhood.

When you’re clear about what you want in your life, you get more of what you want and less of what you don’t!

Imagine what you could have if you were clear about what you want, and you went after it. How would your life be different if you had a job you wanted? How would your life be different a year from now if you changed how to approach your career development?

Maybe you need more than one simple exercise to change your life. I’d like to tell you who I attract in my business. Read on if you’re feeling you’re capable of so much more….

I work with mid-career professionals and service-based entrepreneurs who want more from life and career! They are passionate people that want to increase their impact and income. They know they are capable of greater success! They have hit a ceiling in their professional growth and are ready to break through.

After working together, my clients are doing work they love, getting paid well to do it, and are happier in and out of the office!

Have I just described you? Click this link and apply for a complimentary coaching session! I can help you have the career and life of your dreams!

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When not to follow your dreams

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I’m not your hope dealer.

One of my biggest pet peeves in the personal development world is inspirational leaders selling people on the idea of following their dreams… and then leaving those people hanging without the skills or tools to follow through.

It’s not enough to want it.

It’s not enough to be amazing at your work.

It’s not enough to show up.

Following your dreams takes clarity, confidence, courage, and commitment! Are you ready to take the leap? Here’s some questions to ask yourself to decide.

don't follow your dreams

When not to follow your dreams

…when  you’re bored

Boredom may be a sign that you’re meant for greater things but don’t up and quit your job just because you’re bored.

Instead, explore why you are bored. Do you need more challenge? Do you need more autonomy? Do you need more variety? Answer these questions before you jump.

…when you’re burned out

Burnout happens for a variety of reasons, from working for an overbearing boss to a mismatch in work values.

What are the reasons you’re burned out? Are you clear on  your work values? What are your workplace preferences? Here’s an assessment that will provide clarity!

…when you’re overworked

Being overworked is about how you work, not where you work or what you do. At least, most of the time anyway.

Can you maximize your productivity? Are you good at staying organized? Are you a pushover? Do you set appropriate boundaries at work? Work on building these skills to enjoy work more- whatever work you do.

…when you’re underpaid

When asked for their salary requirements, most people low-ball their desired salary and, guess what, they get what they asked for. When it comes time for their annual performance review, most people cross their fingers and hope for a raise. Changing jobs won’t necessarily get you the pay you want.

Whatever your job- working for someone else or working for yourself- you have to know your value and ask for what you’re worth! Trust me, this is a skill worth mastering and it will pay off the rest of your life. Work with me to get a raise!

…when you don’t have a plan

Are you good at figuring things out? Good for you! But are you really prepared to follow your dreams?

What’s the first step? And the next? And the next? Who will support you? How will you set yourself up for success? What will you when you get stuck?

You may need to hire a coach to get started.

…when you think you should be able to do it alone

You’re smart. You’re resourceful. You’re educated. You SHOULD be able to do this, but what if you can’t? What if- gasp!- you’re like 100% of the rest of the world and you need support, encouragement, accountability, strategy, and help?

Don’t be afraid to take classes, join a mastermind group, find a mentor, or hire a coach.

Are you ready to follow your dreams? Go ahead and jump!

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Creating career change

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The past few weeks my clients have been feeling frustrated and discouraged. While my client’s individual situations are quite different they have been experiencing similar emotions.

Well, let’s face it, the past few weeks have been frustrating and discouraging politically, and what I’m hearing from clients is job opportunities, job growth, and career development have taken a back seat to the turmoil we’re experiencing socially. The change in administration and transition has taken focus away from personal and professional health. Let’s face it, we’re too busy discussing healthcare to maintain our actual physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

But something amazing has happened these past few weeks; individuals across the country standing up, speaking up, and showing personal courage, inspired leadership, and taking action. And that’s how we make progress. That’s how we create a better society. That’s how we create a better life.

How can you stand up, speak up, and show up personally and professionally?

I’m not talking about politics here- I’m talking about your work and your life.

How can you make progress? How can you create a better life? You do it by showing personal courage, inspired leadership, and taking action.

Many people avoid change. Many people are happy enough to be comfortably unhappy.

Are you going to stay comfortably unhappy? Are you going to continue to tolerate being unfulfilled, unhappy at work, and underpaid? Does your job sucks and you don’t mind? Are you disappointed, anxious, and discouraged?

Are you okay with that?

Or, you can use the discomfort and frustration you’re feeling at work to create positive change. You can take one step in the direction of your dreams. Just the first step.

job career change

No more excuses, it’s time to make a change.

What is your step forward? Here’s some ideas:

Get unstuck and uncover your next career move – download the worksheet!


Stop taking work so seriously!


Set boundaries at work


Have more fun at work!


Build your confidence


Take a leap of faith


Work with me

It’s time for action. Let’s do this!

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When your job isn’t working out

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Sometimes you know it on your very first day of work….. this job is not going to work out.

Sometimes your new job is great at first and you find out things aren’t quite what you thought they would be.

There are many reasons your job isn’t working out but the result is the same- it sucks.

So what do you do? How do you handle this situation like a pro?

Let me tell you a story from the other side. We’ll call this what NOT to do.

I hold a volunteer position for a women’s networking group. I brought in a consultant to our group and it seemed like a perfect situation for everyone involved! Until it wasn’t….

And that’s when things got ugly. The problem was how things were handled as soon as it became clear this opportunity wasn’t working out.

The consultant was understandably frustrated with the situation even though she had not been clear about her expectations and needs. She chose to complain to the executive director and ask the director to step in, causing no small amount of stress and emails flying on the day before our event, including an email in which this consultant called our organization “unprofessional” and dressed me down in no uncertain terms.

As the volunteer in charge, I wish she would have come directly to me with her concerns. I wish she had made her expectations clear from the beginning. I wish she’s been more understanding that everyone involved had good intentions.

Because of the way she handled the situation, I can tell you it’s unlikely I will work with this consultant again. Nor am I likely to recommend her for other jobs.

Dealing with this situation got me thinking about how I choose to handle situations when I am hired for a job that doesn’t work out.

When a job doesn’t work out I have legitimate complaints! But I learned years ago that complaining rarely benefits anyone, especially not me.

I’ve also learned that sometimes great opportunities immediately follow opportunities that just didn’t work out.

this job sucks

So, what can you do when your job isn’t working out? How can turn a bad situation into a better situation?

Be grateful, be gracious, and grow.

Be grateful

Okay, so your job isn’t working out. It sucks. But chances are, there is something to gain from the situation. You are most-likely benefiting in some way- how?

The benefit of gratitude is it improves your outlook and helps you approach the situation from a positive perspective. You’re more likely to find a workable solution or make the best of the situation if you adopt an attitude of gratitude.

Be gracious

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. That sucks, too. Here again  you have a choice- do you choose to take it out on others? Do you choose to complain?

A better choice is to be gracious. Sometimes it’s no one’s fault that things don’t work out. And, hey, even when it is someone’s fault, we all make mistakes. Being gracious shows you’re a professional, and you are far more likely to get a recommendation if you handle a difficult situation with grace.


When an opportunity isn’t what you wanted you have an opportunity to learn.

Maybe next time you’ll ask more questions about the job in the interview. Maybe next time you’ll make sure to express any special needs upfront. Maybe you’ve learned what types of jobs you want, and which you don’t want. How can you grow from this experience?

As frustrating as it is when a job doesn’t work out, you get to choose how to respond (instead of reacting). You can choose to handle the situation in a way that is in the best interest of everyone involved. You can choose to leave a good impression and improve your chances to get a recommendation or referral. You can choose to grow.

So maybe you’re reading this because your job isn’t working out. Besides being grateful, gracious, and growing, download the worksheet to get unstuck and uncover your next career move!

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Stop trying too hard

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“I don’t know, it just seems like you’re trying too hard,” she wrote.

That’s the feedback I received when I recently asked a colleague to look over my marketing materials.

At first I was angry. I thought, “what am I supposed to do with that?! That’s not good feedback!”

“Is there anything more annoying than nonspecific feedback,” I ranted to no one in particular.

Then it hit me.

The reason her feedback bothered me is because I was trying too hard. Yikes.

I looked back at my efforts the past few weeks and I realized the reason I was feeling frustrated and stuck was because I was trying too hard in just about every area of my business.

I call it the “I just need to work harder” mentality. Maybe you recognize this pattern in yourself.

When something isn’t working, do you try harder? Do you decide you need to do more? Do you say, “I just need to figure this out!”

Yes, my friends, all of those statemetns are variations on trying too hard. They’re also the patterns of people that try to control the uncontrollable.

Sure, we can call ourselves “determined”. We might describe ourselves as “hard working”, “thorough”, and even “results-oriented”. We may also call ourselves “stubborn”, “type A”, or “perfectionists“.

The problem with trying too hard is it’s not going to get results. Admit it, we feel better when we’re taking action, and “figuring it out” is just another way for us to distract ourselves from the pain of frustration, discomfort, or- gulp- failure.

The moment I realized I was trying too hard is when I realized I needed to stop trying too hard. I needed to do less, not more. Success happens when I doing the right things, not do more things. It’s about doing my best and forgetting the rest. All I have to do is take a deep breath, trust myself, and be myself.

Oh, so simple, isn’t it?

So tell me, friends, will you join me and stop trying too hard?

And while you’re at it, join my newsletter!


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