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What would you do with $10,000?

Would you take your dream vacation? Pay off bills? Put a down payment on a house?

I worked with a client who was barely making a living for her and her family. She thought she needed to go back to school for another degree to increase her salary to a livable wage. After 3 coaching sessions she scheduled a meeting with her boss and negotiated a $10,000 raise.

I’ll never forget what she said when I asked her how it went. “I should have set my sights higher. It was too easy!”

You CAN do work you love. You CAN be well-paid. You CAN be happier in your work and your life.

“I had applied for a new job and wanted feedback on my notes prior to my interview. Chrysta’s questions and suggestions helped me hone my talking points and questions that I had for the company. I felt supremely confident going into my interview… and landed the job.” – Amy Palmer

“Chrysta has helped me with many professional struggles and always guided me to my truth. She is an ace you want in your pocket! “ – Amanda Oliver

From welfare to wealth

In high school my family lived in poverty. I couldn’t go out for fries with my friends. I couldn’t afford a dress for performance choir. When I graduated high school I didn’t receive my diploma due to less than $80 in unpaid school fees. Thanks to a simple paperwork error, I didn’t go to the college of my choice.

That’s when I realized I didn’t have the same opportunities that other people had and that meant I had to create my own opportunities.

Over the next 20 years I created a successful professional career in business management, accounting, staffing, and HR.

I learned how business works. I learned what employers want. I shaped my own career path. I leveraged on-the-job training. I learned how to communicate with confidence.

It was all going great until I had a health crisis. After a stress-induced bout of shingles I realized I had more to learn. I started a work-life balance blog and discovered how to manage stress, improve my health, and increase my happiness.

I am grateful to do work I love from my home in Fort Collins, Colorado, where I can be found commuting on 2 wheels- riding my bicycle or my Buddy 125 scooter. I volunteer for several women-focused groups and the local humane society. I share my home with my spouse, our cats, dogs, and yes, even house-rabbits.

Finally, I made it! Woo hoo! I loved my work, earned a great salary, and loved my life! That’s when I realized the next step for me was to help others get what I have.

Your path to success

As a Career Coach, I work with passionate and purposeful career professionals and service-based entrepreneurs who are unfulfilled, underpaid, or unhappy so they can do work they love, get paid well, and increase their happiness in and out of the office!

Yes! You can love your work, earn a great salary, and love your life!

So what would you do with $10,000? Click here to find out how to work with me.

Chrysta Bairre Career Coach