11 Ways to Increase Your Income

Just about everyone wants to make more money- myself included!

Unfortunately, few people will see their income increase much in the next year because they’re going about it all wrong. Most people are looking for the right strategy that will put more money in their pocket. They think what we need is the perfect elevator pitch, the cookie-cutter sales funnel, or salary negotiation tactic.

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The problem with seeking a strategy to get more money is that strategy won’t be effective if you spend the rest of your time minimizing your contributions, undermining your expertise, and keeping quiet when you should speak up.

Every day you show people what you think you’re worth in your day-to-day interactions and relationships. If you have a habit of deflecting praise, for example, your boss might start to think you don’t really work all hard, or that it comes easy to you.

It usually goes something like this:

Boss: “Thanks for getting that report to me yesterday.”

You: “It was nothing!”


Boss: “You did a great job on the Johnson project.”

You: “Thanks but I missed that typo and forgot to send the email reminder about the meeting.”

STOP, please stop, brushing off praise! Try receiving it instead!

For example:

Boss: “Thanks for getting that report to me yesterday.”

You: “You’re welcome!”


Boss: “You did a great job on the Johnson project.”

You: “Thank you! I worked hard on it and I already have some ideas for future improvements!”

If you’re an entrepreneur you may be making similar mistakes when it comes to accepting praise. It goes something like this:

Client: “Wow, I love the logo you created!”

You: “Really? Because I can create something else if you don’t like it (and I won’t ask you to pay more for additional mock-ups!)”


Client: “Working with you has been amazing!”

You: “….kthxbye…”

What if you could receive appreciation and really take it in? What if you could own that praise instead?!

For example:

Client: “Wow, I love the logo you created!”

You: “I’m so glad you like it! Here’s your invoice.”


Client: “Working with you has been amazing!”

You: “I’ve enjoyed working with you, too, and I’m thrilled you got the results you wanted. Will you give me a referral?”

Are you starting to see how you show up through your work has a direct impact on your income? If you aren’t owning your value in your business relationships, you probably aren’t getting paid what you’re worth. How you communicate your value in everyday interactions either increases or decreases other people’s perception of your value.

Here are 11 ways to increase your income.

increase your income

01. Receive, don’t reject, appreciation and praise!

02. Renegotiate when the scope of work changes, i.e. don’t do extra work for free!

03. Say yes when you mean yes, and no when it’s appropriate to say no.

04. Avoid using justifying and/or self-shaming language like “should”, “just”, and “sorry”, and more examples HERE and HERE!

05. Set and stick to your working hours. If you don’t value your time, no one else will, either.

06. Be the absolute best at what you do, and stop trying to do everything for everyone!

07. Stop complaining!

08. When a situation isn’t serving you, walk away. Even if it means leaving money on the table in the short term.

09. Own up to your mistakes.

10. Be grateful.

11. Believe in yourself.

When you communicate your value with your thoughts, words, and actions, other people value you. This increase in your worth leads to more opportunities, more impact, and more income!

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