What if random acts of kindness weren’t so random?

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Living a life of intentional kindess

Recently I began to wonder, what if random acts of kindness weren’t so random? What if, instead, I chose kindness as an intentional way of life? What would that look like?

I imagine approaching the world with the spirit of love, recognizing the great potential and accepting the flaws in each and every person. I imagine treating every person I encounter as worthy, regardless of their behavior, because I believe we all deserve kindness even though we all behave badly sometimes.

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When I act with kindness, I feel amazing! I discover the possibilities and opportunities to embrace the day. I feel open to the beauty of the world around me.

Filling my life with kindness includes kindness towards me. I take good care of my health, I take positive and productive steps for my future, and I use my skills and talents to their full potential.

Are you ready?

What would embracing a life of kindness look like for you? Imagine being intentionally kind to the barista at a favorite coffee shop, that annoying co-worker, your family, friends, and yourself! There are infinite ways to be kind to others and be kind to you!

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Will you join me in the practice of intentional kindness? How will it change your outlook on life? How will it affect your relationships? And, really, what do you have to lose?



  1. I love this! I think random acts of kindness are better than none at all, but *intentional* kindness seems, to me, to be so much more impactful. It’s amazing sometimes when you see what difference a small act of kindness can make.

  2. Last week I gave £20 ($35) to a beggar. But was my kindness spent buying drugs? I don’t know and it would be difficult to find out. I think if you are going to be kind, the recipient of your kindness will have had to have done something to deserve that kindness.
    They have to make an effort to improve their own lives. For example selling the Big Issue.

  3. Hello Chrysta,

    I very much resonate with your post on kindness. I live by four words:
    BE LOVE TO OTHERS, and kindness is a form of love. I think when we make being kind a priority, when we live it out as an intention of the heart, we do our part to make this a better world.

    Kind Regards,

  4. Hey Chrysta,

    I totally agree with you and I believe it was last year with it was announced that it was “Random Acts of Kindness” day. I was so surprised because this should be a way of life and not just every once in awhile.

    What I do know though is that not everyone is nice. I have a neighbor that is just downright mean and ugly. Even to his own kids so it would take everything that man has to be nice. Being kind to someone, gosh I’d pay anything to see that.

    So maybe some of us can make up for his lack of caring and kindness. I for one practice this every single day. Here’s to everyone else doing the same.

    Have a beautiful week my friend.


  5. Well hello Chrysta

    Thanks for this prompt to just let it go, after all holding onto any sort of negativity towards our co-workers, relations or passers by only serves to harm ourselves and negatively color our interaction with others.

    Take a deep breath and accepting that the world can only get better if we do our bit, regardless how insignificant we may feel it to be, even a smile at a passing stranger can set of a positive chain reaction with amazing and unexpected results.


  6. Hey Chrysta,

    Your message is so well taken. Random acts of kindness can be catchy too. And what’s even better is using them on people that you know are not kind people. I think those people are inspired by that. And it’s a way to spread love, happiness and inspiration. We all need more of that :-)

    Being kind to others really does open you up to the beauty of the world :-)


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