39 Ways to up your Awesomeness Quotient

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Personal Development | 2 comments

Hey there! Did you know you’re awesome? It’s true! We’re all awesome (yes, even that jerk that cut you off in traffic). You’re awesome just for reading this blog today. True story.

Though it’s also true that awesomeness comes easier to some. Too often we squash our own awesomeness with preconceived notions, unrealistic life expectations, shoulding ourselves, and all that other crap we put on ourselves.

But enough about that crap! Let’s focus on ways to shed yourself of it and, as a result, be more awesome! Since my 39th birthday is on Monday, here’s 39 ways to be awesome! Woo!

39 Ways to up your Awesomeness Quotient

01. Smile

02. Do your best and forget the rest

03. Be curious

04. Be inspired

05. Be influential

06. Have fun in all you do!

07. Be excited (and show it!)

08. Be passionate

09. Get shit done!

10. Learn something new

11. Share knowledge

12. Be kind to everyone you meet

13. Be kind to yourself

14. Be honest

15. Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions

16. Say you’re sorry and do it differently next time

17. Say thank you

18. Be helpful

19. Be spontaneous

20. Say what you mean

21. Do what you say

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22. Expect less and appreciate more

23. Be patient

24. Give before you get

25. Want what you’ve got

26. Delete one item from your to-do list that doesn’t really need to be done

27. Celebrate your accomplishments

28. Praise others

29. Be confident

30. Believe in yourself

31. Don’t take life too seriously

32. Be yourself!

33. Accept differences in others and appreciate them for it

34. Say no

35. Disappoint the right people

36. Make the best of today

37. Accept life on life’s terms

38. Love life

39. Go forth and be awesome!



  1. I love this post Chrysta and you know that you’re pretty awesome too right!

    I know that when I was younger I use to worry about what people thought of me but then one day I just woke up and I thought to myself, you know you’re a really wonderful person. You care about others, you’re kind, you’re generous and you enjoy inspiring others. No matter what other quirks I might have, I’m pretty awesome.

    Thanks for reminding me of this and I hope you know this too my wonderful awesome friend.

    Enjoy the rest of your week and hope you’re doing better.


  2. Hi Chrysta
    Love it – be more awesome!
    It is not that hard huh. Just be better in everything you do and be positive.
    Can’t beat it.
    Will try to be better tomorrow, haha

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