Are your goals getting you down?

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It’s the beginning of the new year and many people have already made, and possibly even abandoned, New Year Resolutions. If you’re like me you don’t make traditional New Year Resolutions but you do have goals for your life.

The beginning of a new year is a great time for reflection and adjusting goals, but as I started this new year I’ve come to realize that sometimes goals can be self-defeating. Or, at least, our attitudes about goals can be self-defeating.

Consider what happens when you achieve a goal- you feel great, right? You got the promotion you’ve been working for, you finished school, you lost 5 pounds- good for you! Yeah, you’re riding high!

So what happens when you fail to achieve your goal? You were passed over for that promotion, you failed one of your classes and have to take it again next semester, you gained 5 pounds- do you feel defeated, ashamed, or self-loathing?

My failure, let me show you it.

Last year I set goals for myself that I didn’t achieve. I quit my full-time job so I could do more with this blog and my professional speaking career. I was excited, motivated, supported, focused, and raring to go!

I knew I could achieve my goals so why didn’t I? There are several factors that affected my ability to accomplish the task but the big reason was ongoing health issues. Despite my health issues being out of my control I still felt like a failure for not accomplishing my goals. I let my goals get me down.

In failure there is hope, inspiration, and motivation.

This past year has reminded me of life lessons I’ve learned before.  Do my best and forget the rest. Focus on what a I CAN do, not what I can’t do. Love the life I have.

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Goals can be wonderful tools to guide your life direction and life intention but the beauty of life is found in the day-to-day. Your happiness is determined by how you live life not the collection of your achievements.

Keep working towards your goals and remember, this is your life right here and now. Enjoy it. Embrace it! Do what you can with what you have. Celebrate the smallest of your daily accomplishments.

Let your goals guide you, not define you. You will do great things, even if they are not the things you thought you’d do.

You’re already an amazing human being- never forget it!



  1. Hi Chrysta,

    I’m not sure if you read my first post of this year but I did not achieve my desired goals I had set for myself but like your health issues, they were things that were totally out of my control that kept me from moving forward.

    Then the beginning of this year I got sick and that knocked me off my feet. Sure, it was just a little cold and nothing compared to what you’ve been dealing with but my point is it takes time to recover, feel better, get that energy back, get excited about doing what we love and move forward.

    I never really truly know what the lessons are from why these things happen but since they are out of our control I agree with what you said above. “Do your best and forget the rest”. That’s all we really can do Chrysta.

    I wish you health and happiness this year my beautiful friend. To a full recovery! 😉


  2. Hey Chrysta,

    Great advice here! Life is too short to focus on something that, at the moment, is out of your control. I do believe it’s about how well you respond to life when it’s not going the way you plan and making the best of out of. When this happens, it’s the universe way of making you strong and keeping your eyes open for other avenues you can take to achieve your intended goals or maybe make new ones! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I hope you are feeling good now, Chrysta :) I also hope you have a great 2014 :)

    I do agree with your points – goals are important, but never take them too far. It’s alright to not achieve our goals (I value my failure more than my success because achieving success in the first try puts me at a great disadvantage…over confidence for instance).

    Anyways, I am pretty ambitious this week (with goals, I mean…I have a lots of them this year). But, I’ve narrowed them down and assigned every month to achieving particular goals and tasks. If I don’t achieve it, it’s alright..move on to the next one – I can try again next year 😀

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this, Chrysta :) Appreciate it!

  4. Inspiring message Chrysta. Personally I believe the only failure is not trying, so it sounds to me like it was simply an issue of timing. I’m sure you learned many lessons in the process. Thanks for sharing your story and wishing you a happy, healthy New Year!

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