Quirky & Fun Ways To Reduce Stress

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Earlier this week I was having a rough day and, as a result, was carrying around all that stress. I found relief in an unexpected way- while walking the dogs we were caught in a rainstorm. Getting caught in the rain was a wonderful opportunity to let go. I was already soaked so why not splash in the puddles? Why not dance in the rain?

My stress was washed away by the rain or rather, perhaps, by embracing lightheartedness and joy in the moment. This beautiful opportunity made me think about the many quirky, fun, and unexpected ways to reduce stress! I’ll share some of my favorite unexpected ways to reduce stress and I hope you’ll offer a few of your own in the comments!

11 Quirky & Fun Ways To Reduce Stress

01. Dance in the rain

Or splash in the puddles! If it happens to be snowing, I recommend throwing snowballs and making snow angels!

02. Get your hands dirty

Let yourself get dirty- filthy, even! There’s lots of ways to get your hands dirty, like gardening, finger painting, or eating with your hands.

03. Make a fool of yourself on purpose!

Be spontaneous, silly, and completely ridiculous- it’s good for your soul! Do an interpretive dance in line at the grocery store, loudly sing off-key to your favorite song at a stop light with the windows down, make funny faces at a stranger- whatever you do, allow yourself to let go of your inhibitions and just have fun!

04. Color with crayons

Okay, internet, I have a confession to make- I love to color! I love the texture of coloring book paper and the smell of a fresh box of Crayolas. I love to bust out my coloring books and crayons and color- all my stress drains away!

Yes, I colored this!Colored by yours truly!

05. Make an ice cream sundae with too many toppings

My favorite sundae topping is cherries, and when I really need a pick-me-up I’ll put 10-20 cherries on an ice cream sundae- no joke! It’s not really the cherries that provides relief, it’s the idea of indulging in this one special treat. Also, cherries- om nom nom nom!

06. Skip to my lou, my darlin’

When was the last time you enjoyed a good skip? Try it, it’s fun!

07. Hug a stuffed animal

Another confession, I’m a stuffed animal junkie! They remind me not to take the world too seriously and when stress bubbles to the surface, they are great for hugging and don’t complain if I squeeze them too tight!

08. Dance with reckless abandon

Get down with your bad self; use a hairbrush as a makeshift microphone- just maybe check that your neighbors aren’t recording you for a YouTube video.

09. Drum your worries away

Playing any type of hand drum is a great stress reliever! You can thump and pound and thwack the stress right out. I can’t vouch for how your housemates will feel about it, but trust me when I say you’ll feel great!

10. Indulge your favorite guilty pleasure film or TV show

Since I’m making so many confessions I might as well tell you my favorite guilty pleasure movies, namely Bring It On, Mean Girls, and Resident Evil. My favorite guilty pleasure TV show is The Vampire Diaries. What’s yours?

11. Go for a ride

I prefer to live life on two wheels- be it riding my bicycle or my 125cc scooter. Either way I ride, I’m guaranteed to have a smile on my face and a few less worries!

go for a ride

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite quirky and fun ways to relieve stress?



  1. When I am feeling stuck due to stress, I get up, move and dance. I don’t worry about the steps, or what I look like. I just put on some music, often I will even close my eyes, and surrender to whatever movements my body is inspired to make.

    This is a great article Chrysta! :)

    • Thanks for sharing your suggestions, Patricia! I LOVE your enthusiasm! And surrender- great insight into reducing stress. 😀

      Thanks for stopping by! Have a fantastic day!


  2. Great Post, Chrysta :)

    I do follow some of these methods like hand drumming (I love it :D) and watching TV Shows (I am bit more picky on TV shows, usually watch cartoons or mystery/thriller genre TV shows).

    I have to try some of the others, and I surely will 😉 I do draw, right now I am working on drawing human figures – basic stick like figures, not too hard 😉

    I do love dancing around, but I haven’t done that in a while (I am not sure why though. Perhaps maybe I am so keen on following my schedule that I forget some other things I used to do :D).

    Anyways, thank you for the awesome post, Chrysta!

    I hope you have an awesome weekend!

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Jeevan!

      I haven’t hand drummed in a while but when the idea popped into my head while writing this post I thought, “yeah, I’m gonna do that!” Like you, I’ve gotten busy with other things and temporarily forgot some things I used to do. Time to bust out the djembe! 😀

      Have a fantastic day!


  3. Hi Chrysta,

    Some days are stressful, some are not. But also some things that often relieve my stress I’ll find that other times it doesn’t work so well, so I’m always looking for new ways to relieve stress when my normal standbys don’t work.

    But these are great! Especially skipping and hugging a stuffed animal — or my fat cat which is what I will most always do when I’m stressed. Amazing how our pets can rescue us from the distress of life and work LOL :-)

    Thanks Chrysta and have a great weekend :-)


    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Liz!

      I, too, find that certain stress relievers work for some situations and other stress relievers work in different situations. I’m always trying to find new ways to let go, too. This post was really an exercise in reminding myself of some forgotten ways to relieve stress. The more options I have the easier I can let go of stress!

      I agree about hugging pets- I hug/cuddle my cats and my dogs- what a great stress reliever! :)

      Have a fantastic day!


  4. I love these. I forgot how much I loved to color as a child. I’m just wondering what hubby would say if he saw me doing that now. That has to be that reckless abandon you mentioned. This is great stuff.

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Veronica!

      It’s been too long since I colored and since writing this post I’ve been itching to bust out the crayons- it will happen soon! Coloring is way too much fun. :)

      So glad you stopped by! Have a fabulous day!


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