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When I’m off-balance, there’s one thing I do to get centered. When I feel angry, frustrated, anxious, or burned out, there’s one thing I do to feel better. When I feel happy and life is going well, there’s one thing I do to enjoy the moment and create more of the same. That one thing is self care.

What is self care, exactly? It’s attending to my emotional, mental, and physical needs- it’s taking care of me.

How many of us really take care of ourselves?

Everything else and everyone else comes first. We put our to-do list before ourselves. Sometimes we expect other people to meet our needs and all-too-often our needs go unmet because many of us are simply struggling to get by.

Last weekend I attended TEDxFoCo and I was not disappointed by the thoughtful and inspiring talks on the topic of Life Worth Living. Out of all the fantastic talks there was one, in particular, that struck a resounding chord of truth within me.

Photographer Christina Gressianu spoke on Beauty and How We’re Obsessed With The Wrong Idea. What makes us beautiful is not about how we dress up the outside but how we nurture the inside. It’s not even our character that makes us beautiful but rather self-nourishment and self-enrichment that make us healthy and happy.

Health is beauty- physical health, emotional health, mental health. Health doesn’t come without effort- we must choose health, we must take care of our health by taking care of ourselves.

“How I feel about myself feeds how I take care of myself. How I take care of myself feeds how I feel about myself.” ~Christina Gressianu

What if, instead of being self-critical, we were self-loving and self-caring?

What would happen if we were self-loving and self-caring? If you’re like me, you’ll start living a life that fills you up instead of wears you out and tears you down. The most important thing you do today is take care of you.

Today I invite you to stop working from the outside in and work from the inside out. Practice a little- or a lot!- of self-care. Feed your heart, mind, and body with goodness.

I’ll leave you with one more awesome quote from TEDxFoCo:

“Your self worth is directly proportional to your self work.” ~Melissa Harms

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I love your comments! Do you believe beauty comes from self-nourishment? How will you nourish yourself today?


  1. Thank you for the self-care reminder, Chrysta! We really don’t do enough of it. I try to be mindful of that – eat right, exercise, meditate, etc. Every day, I tell myself to go to sleep early so that I can get enough sleep, but still have trouble managing that. Self-care is a constant choice we make every single day. Thank you for this reminder!

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Alice!

      I have to keep reminding myself to take care of myself and sometimes I still let other things come first. Fortunately it’s never too late to turn my day around and do just one thing to care for my health. :)

      Have a grateful and healthy day!


  2. Self care is so critical, Chrysta! I realized a month or so ago that I’d spent the past six months getting more and more wound up about the wrong things and spending a lot of quality time with my computer. I’m back running outside, playing and not worrying about my jeans or looking good but feeling great and feeling my heart and whole being be able to breathe and fill with more joy. That’s what’s living is all about!

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Alli!

      We do tend to worry about the wrong things, don’t we? I find those things I worry about work themselves out when I put my energy in the right places- like taking care of myself, and that’s what’s really important!

      Thanks again for sharing your experience.

      Have a grateful day and a fantastic weekend!


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