7 Ways To Work-Life Balance

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Every word my co-worker speaks rubs me the wrong way. On my way to lunch the car in front of me is driving frustratingly slow- so is the car in the lane next to me. The line at the restaurant is almost out-the-door and when I’m almost to the counter the customer in front of me is asking a million questions and can’t decide what to order. In these moments I feel frustrated and stuck but I have discovered ways to regain some balance and get back to happy.

When I have work-life balance I feel happier, have more energy, deal with problems gracefully, and enjoy a better life overall. I live a balanced life when I take care of myself, embrace gratitude, and live purposefully. Still, I experience moments when my life feels anything but balanced. I feel overwhelmed, tired, and irritable. Little problems seem like big problems and I don’t see solutions.

When I get stuck I can turn my day around and re-balance my life with these 7 quick-fix tips!

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01. Do something different

When I feel unbalanced, changing my perspective instantly changes my mood. Changing my perspective often involves literally changing my physical environment. I can take a break from the situation and do something else- anything else.

I may stop working on one project and work on another. I may take a walk, or find a quiet space to take several calming deep breaths. If I’m in the car I can pull over at a convenience store and treat myself to a cool refreshing beverage (or coffee if that’s your thing). What’s important is that I open myself up to a different experience- a more positive experience!

02. Make a list

When I feel stuck another helpful way to get unstuck is to write a gratitude list- the longer the better! It instantly lifts my spirits and gets me out of my head and positively engaged in my life.

Thinking about all the things in my life that are awesome gets me to look beyond my current frustrations and see my life as an awesome whole. So this one thing isn’t the way I want it to be- the good stuff outweighs the bad.

03. Talk to a friend

Spending even just a few minutes talking to a friend is yet another great way to refocus my attention and regain some balance in my life.

When I’m frustrated it’s important I don’t dwell on the problem or start complaining, but rather talk to a friend about something unrelated to my frustrations. I may ask my friend to tell me about their day or discuss a recent episode of a favorite TV show. The key is to engage in a supportive relationship with another person in a positive and happy way.

04. Dance, dance, dance!

Music is one of my favorite ways to positively influence my attitude. It doesn’t always involve actual dancing- only when I really need a mood intervention!

The type of music I play depends on what I’m feeling. I may listen to upbeat music and yes, dance along, or I might put on a peaceful and calming playlist to put me at ease. Music can change my experience and help me re-balance my thoughts and emotions.

05. Laugh a little

When I feel overwhelmed and irritable I’m usually taking life a little too seriously. A great way to get back to center is to laugh a little! I visit a favorite humor website, or find funny videos on YouTube. I have even posted on Facebook and asked my friends to share a funny story with me and ended up laughing quite heartily at the replies!

Laughter works like gratitude- it takes the focus off my current frustrations and allows me to see there’s more to life whatever I’m experiencing right now. When I can laugh a little the big problems don’t seem quite as big.

06. Give it a break

Taking breaks actually makes me more productive and when I’m feeling out-of-sorts I know I need to take a break. When I take regular breaks I maintain my work-life balance but let’s face it- sometimes life just gets crazy and I don’t take all my regular breaks.

If I find myself in need of a break, I can stop and take one at any time. It may feel like I don’t have time for a break but I’ll get more done and be happier doing it if I take a break first.

07. Start fresh tomorrow

When I’m really stuck sometimes it takes a little longer to rediscover my balance. I make sure to get to bed at a reasonable time and start fresh tomorrow. If I’m still stuck the next day, I know it will be better the day after that.

I love your comments! When your life feels unbalanced what is your favorite way to re-balance your life?


  1. I have become of a fan of taking 15 minute walk breaks during the day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This brief break delivers a big refreshment moment and helps re-energize. Great advice with your suggestions, Chrysta! Thanks, Jon

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Jon!

      I don’t know what I’d do without my daily walk break. When I don’t take it I start to get irritable and grumpy and I do not like feeling that way! Good thing for me, and the people around me, I take a break almost every day.

      Have a grateful day!


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