Discovering Your Personal Power

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Do you realize the value of your talents? Do you make the most of your experiences? Do you cherish your individual perspective? You have a beautiful gift to share with the world- no matter your job, your business, or your place in life. The challenge is discovering your personal power- that wonderful gift that’s unique to you- and use it to create a purposeful life!

Please enjoy this guest post from my good friend Steve Rice at True Spiritual Awakening, sharing an equation for discovering your personal power.

A Powerful Equation to Uncover the Value of Your Gifts

I remember sitting across from a guidance counselor at my school.  I was there to go over the results of the aptitude test I had taken earlier that school year. He said to me, “according to your results, you’d be a good teacher.”

A teacher? I thought.  No way!

I shut him off at that point. I had a picture of what a teacher was (and did) and I didn’t want to be a teacher.

Have you ever rejected your talents ? Many of us shut life up when it begins to reveal to us our unique gifts because they aren’t what we expect or wish they were.

Your Talents Are the Secret to Your Personal Power

We talk a lot about personal power. We talk about losing it, giving it away, and reclaiming it. Your power is never gone. It cannot be diminished (except in your own mind). It lies within you.

The challenge is that we diminish our unique gifts in our own minds and in our own estimation.  We do this by comparing what we believe we can (or cannot) do with what others are doing or have done.

We also do this by equating value with dollars. We think that the movie star or musician who earns a million dollars a year has a more valuable “gift” than we do.  The true value of the gift lies in the hearts of those who experience it. Money has nothing to do with the true value of your gift itself.

Recognizing the Value of Your Gifts

It takes a shift of your belief system to recognize the inherent value of your gifts.

Years ago, I used to live near an art museum. Because admission was free, I would walk through the museum two or three times a month. I knew all the artwork on display.

No matter how often I toured the museum, there was always something “new”.  I would walk around the corner and see a painting or sculpture and think, I’ve never seen that before, even though it had been there all along.

This is what happens in life. Our experiences and beliefs are constantly evolving. When you realize that everyone has a unique experience in life and a unique perspective, you will start to recognize that your unique perspective is a powerful gift others are yearning for.

Think about this… even if you had a single message to bring to the world and you brought it repeatedly, with all your heart and soul, it would be valuable to the world because every person won’t hear your message the same way.

Ghandi had a message of peace.
Martin Luther King, Jr. had a message of justice through nonviolence.
Mother Teresa had a message of love and compassion for the poor.

What is your message?

You are enough. The deepest longing of your soul is your gift.

The Equation 

Your Unique Talents


Your Unique Experiences


Your Unique Perspective


Your Personal Power

If you add your skills, your experiences and the unique perspective in life, you can wield exceptional personal power in your own life and the lives of others.

Don’t shut out your gifts. Invite them in. Honor them. Value your life lessons and claim your power.

Steve Rice is the owner of True Spiritual Awakening.  He is an author and spiritual teacher committed to creating a well-lived life and helping others to do the same by helping them bridge the gap between abstract philosophy and practical, hands-on tools which, together, create a life of momentum. You can follow him on Twitter or connect on Facebook.

I love your comments! What did you think of Steve’s inspirational post? Do you embrace your unique gifts and recognize their true value?


  1. Wow, this helped me so much! Thank you <3333

  2. Enjoyed your post Steve. So true – we usually are very good that we enjoy doing, what often gets in the way is our belief and faith in ourselves.

    • Great point, Michelle! I think this is what I–and most people–struggle with most. If we are doing what we love with complete confidence and conviction, we have absolute personal power (or deep certainty).

      Thanks for sharing your perspective. It’s a great on.

  3. Hey Steve,

    Great to see you here at Chrysta’s place.

    So, you didn’t see yourself as a teacher? That’s what I thought I wanted to be but I was horrible in school so the course I would have to take scared me away.

    The only gift people have told me I have throughout my life is my organizational skills. I was an executive assistant during my corporate stay and I got most of those positions because of that gift. It just comes naturally to me. When I came online people told me I should create a business around that but it’s not something I love doing. It’s just something I do.

    I don’t know, now all I see myself as doing is helping people. Sounds kind of lame I know and it’s not really in one specific area but that’s what I love doing. I always have and I always well.

    Enjoyed the post and hope you both enjoy your day!


    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Adrienne. And I can really relate. I’m also very organized. I’ve developed those skills as well as customer service skills. Like you, it’s not what I love, but it is what I’m good at.

      I think you have found your sweet spot with helping people. It exudes from everything you do online.

      For me it is wanting to give people hope. Sometimes it’s a little bit of a challenge to take our “purpose” and find a way to make a living doing something that fulfills it, but it is worth the journey.

  4. Steve, Gifts + Value is what we need to absorb and then act fully upon. As simple as it is, we try to over-complicate it. We just need to take the time to understand and do! Great reminder. Thanks! Jon

    • Hi, Jon!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You’re right. It is in taking action that our lives are formed.

  5. We are all unique and it is so true that we all need to embrace our uniqueness. A nice post.

    • Thanks so much, Sara. Embracing your uniqueness is the power behind creating momentum in your life. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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