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Getting back on track when you’ve strayed from your goals can be difficult. Let me talk about myself here; it is challenging for me to get back to doing what I know is right for me, even as I recognize the many potential rewards to sticking with my intentions.

In the end, most of my successes have not been a result of doing something perfectly, but from the act of doing something at all. Success is the experience and confidence I find in myself when I give my best effort to this day.

So I sit here asking myself what holds me back when I know what I want to do and I don’t do it. I may find excuses and constraints to shoulder the blame; I point my finger at time or stress or energy. Getting back on track with my goals is not a result of buying into excuses, nor is it achieved by berating myself or focusing on my slip-ups.

Every day I can put my intentions and goals into action if I choose. I have the opportunity to give this day my best effort. What I did yesterday and what I might do tomorrow are far less important than the attention I give to this day.

Today I am giving this blog my best effort after a hiatus and subsequent cycle of excuses, avoidance and procrastination. Today I am also making purposeful and positive choices about diet, exercise, and sleep after a similar hiatus and cycle of excuses, avoidance and procrastination. Gratefully, today I’m loving my life, and giving myself every opportunity to be active and practice my best effort towards achieving my goals.

What will you do to give the best of yourself today?


  1. I love that we can always ‘reset’ our goals–just start again. I commend you for being aware of the demands that you place upon yourself to be different than they are at any moment. Demands are a tremendous source of stress, aren’t they?

    I had a client last week who was beating herself up over what she considered an unsuccessful job search. She felt like she had failed because she was still searching for a job after four months. I requested her to forget about the last four months and think of her job search beginning right then.

    Now I am going to peek ahead to see if you actually posted to your blog more frequently .

    • Thank you for commenting, Rachel!

      I’ve heard it said that expectations are premeditated resentments. I suspect demands and obligations are premeditated guilt and stress.

      My personal philosophy is the results of my efforts are far less important that the effort itself. Mindful participation in my life is where I find personal growth, joy, love and progress. Focusing on my progress allows me to be open to other results, and I often find that things work out just fine and not always the way I expect!

      I am very grateful for your comments. Thank you!


  2. Hi, I stumbled on your post while checking out ‘The Cost of Mindlessness’ (

    I like the topic too – it has significant impact on our daily lives. I have a post on this topic:

    Share your ideas!
    cheers, Ravi

    • Ravi,

      Thanks for stopping by. I am glad for interaction with like-minded individuals on topics of good mental and emotional health. Support and encouragement of positive people and ideas is essential to maintaining my own joy and serenity in life- regardless of what’s going on in my life.


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