This is how I define success.

Lately I’ve been thinking about why I blog and there are many reasons. It’s far too easy to allow myself to become distracted and overwhelmed by the ever-changing challenges of life. I could leave this blog dormant and move on with my life in a positive direction, without regret for the blog I left behind. So why do I blog?

When it comes down to it I blog for me. A little for you, and a lot for me. It is my intention and my hope that my blog offers insight, awareness, tips & tricks and experience, strength and hope to other professionals juggling their work and their life. In the end I find, however, that this blog helps me focus my own efforts to not merely live and work but to love myself, and my work and my life. To fully experience the joy and peace that comes with mindful awareness, productive activity and an abundance of gratitude.

My blog is a fledgling blog, a little bird just learning to fly. I don’t yet have many regular readers and I receive few comments still I consider my blog a success. I share the tools that create success in my life and for me success is emotional health, unburdened happiness, discovering choices and embracing opportunity. I am grateful for this space to share my journey in loving my work-life. I hope you’ve found something here, too.

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  1. Blogging has to be for you first. If you aren’t having fun, no one else will either.
    Blogging is a true labor of love. It is extremely important for some businesses as a new form of advertising but – it is the slow path to making money. But again, you are right, that isn’t why we do it.

    I enjoy reading your blog a great deal. People are reading – I am!

    Happy day!

    • I agree completely! As a newer blogger I am learning a lot about blogging and my motivations for great entries. I write the best blogs and have the most fun when the blog entry comes from my heart and speaks to what’s going on with me. This is my life, after all, and I hope to enrich my own experience while inspiring and enriching others!