Work mindfully and enjoy your work and your results.

Most people find work to be results driven and accomplishment focused. Often your work day is filled with deadlines, scheduling and a to-do list that is out of your control. Today I invite you to balance your enjoyment of your daily activities with the satisfaction of a completed assignment. You can do this by focusing on the job at hand and doing your best at each and every thing you do, from responding to emails to preparing reports and presentations. Working mindfully will produce the desired result with fewer errors and a more satisfying experience performing the daily duties of your job.

If you’re wondering how to work mindfully, try any of the following mindful approaches to your work:

Create Awareness Ask yourself what you are doing right now. No, really. Stop and be aware of your activity. Let go of your to-do list at home and at work. In this moment you are present and aware of what is right in front of you. What are you trying to accomplish right now?

Actively Participate Consider the task in front of you. What data am I being provided? What data do I need to provide to others? What format is it in? What format do I need it to be in? Why is this information needed? Actively consider the job you do over passively duplicating data from one source to another.

Practice Collaboration When working as part of a team, take a moment to review the desired result and address any concerns within your team. Individual projects will benefit from a brief review with your supervisor, client or customer. Share your perspective and invite others to actively participate on your project and you will demonstrate the value you place in your work as well as the respect you have for your co-workers and customers.

Mindful Activity Minimize distractions by closing your email and put your cell phone on silent and place your cell phone out of sight. If you’re thirsty, hungry or tense, take care of your physical body by taking a quick break to care for your body’s needs. Now you’re free to focus on the task in front of you. Perform your work with care and pride and enjoy the activity as much as you enjoy the results.

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