Your well-being is the key to acheiving work-life balance.

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We all want to achieve work-life balance and career success. Ambitious professionals struggle to achieve goals without giving up too much of themselves. Although it might seem worthwhile to temporarily strain your physical, emotional and mental well-being to accomplish career objectives, you have limited control over the results of your efforts. Outside influences such as co-workers, supervisors, organizational changes, economic and financial concerns play a significant role in your professional life. Taking care of yourself, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, will help you be better prepared to tackle a wider variety of ever-changing challenges in your job and personal life with grace and aplomb.

To practice work-life balance, you must first recognize and address your personal needs. Do you wake up in the morning feeling rested, refreshed and ready for the day ahead? If not, take some time to decide what changes may be necessary to help you meet each day with energy and a smile.

Beyond attending to your basic personal needs, you may need to inventory and asses your goals and activities. Sometimes it will be necessary to temporarily set aside one or two of your professional activities to take better care of yourself.

Co-workers, jobs, professional goals and your definition of success will change throughout your life. Let your personal health and well-being be your priority and trust that professional success will naturally occur as you adeptly manage professional change and do your best work each day.


  1. I really like your approach that a person’s health and well-being is what makes said person successful in a profession. For years, people have focused on everything a person has to sacrifice and give up in order to get ahead in the professional world. Yours makes a lot more sense, though I suspect it’s also more difficult for people because of that “sacrifice = success” mode of thinking that has been drilled into our heads. Hmm, you’ve given me something to think about here!

    • Thanks for your awesome comment, Angela!

      We have to do the work to be successful at anything in life, but I don’t believe that success is a reward that comes with a high price. Some people may have become successful by sacrificing their family, health & well-being, but I have to wonder if that success made them happy. I believe it’s possible to be successful by being intentional and purposeful in what we do, and let any success that comes be a natural result of our efforts.

      I’m sure some will disagree, and I accept that, but I have enjoyed plenty of success- and happiness- simply by taking care of myself and doing my best work. I have also found the harder I push myself, the less I succeed. The better I care for myself, the more opportunities come my way!

      Thank you for joining the conversation! I appreciate you sharing your experience.



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