Value your work accomplishments.

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After five weeks of unemployment, I am pleased to have the opportunity to love work again and find joy in my new work-life! A recent conversation with a friend caused me to consider the value I choose to recognize in my skills and talents. Confidence in my abilities and my work accomplishments lead me to an exciting and valuable new work opportunity. This confidence, with a dose of hard work and a positive attitude, opened doors for me at a time when securing a job is challenging.

My recent job search is quite different from my last job search at which time I was overwhelmed by feelings of fear and anxiety. When previously unemployed, I focused on the outcome- finding a job. I did not focus on honoring my career value and my accomplishments. As a result of my misplaced focus I accepted a job opportunity that was not right for me, and found myself unemployed again.

I have goals in my work-life and to be successful those goals must be flexible. I have found myself in situations I didn’t plan or desire. I try to consider those unwanted situations as opportunities to love my work-life and re-assess my goals. Recognizing and honoring my work value helps me make good career choices and move forward in my career. Acting for an end result, such as getting a job- any job- stifles my career and greatly reduces my enjoyment of work-life.

If you’re looking for work, or you are gainfully employed, recognize and celebrate your skills and talents! Know what you do well and keep a record of your accomplishments. Consider the value you bring to your employer, and pursue a career path that makes use of your value.

At some point you may decide to change jobs or your career direction. If you are making a career change of any kind, be mindful of your value and don’t sell yourself short! Make the change with joy by honoring and respecting your abilities. Honor your skills and celebrate your new career opportunity and new direction you are headed.


  1. Chrysta –

    Huge congratulations. I love the contrast in your job search this time. You took time to consider your strengths and skills, and to plot out the longer term purpose of finding a job. I’m sure you’ll continue to thrive with this new sense of clarity. Thanks for sharing this.


    • Thank you for your comment! I hope my experience can be an inspiration to others who are looking for work and considering settling for whatever job they can find.

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