Create work that matters.

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Seth Godin wrote, “Once you free yourself from the need for perfect acceptance, it’s a lot easier to launch work that matters.”

It seems like a great idea to carefully consider a goal or activity, but more often than not focusing on the outcome causes feelings of anxiety, stress and frustration, and keeps me from doing my best. When trying to please myself or others, my attempt to control the outcome gets in my way.

In all areas of life I do not know what will happen next, though I may be able to guess. I am not responsible for anyone’s feelings or opinions save my own. I create the best results, and get the most satisfaction from my work when I focus on my motives, and do my best at whatever I am doing. I may not do it perfectly, but if I let go of expectations and just do it, I will improve my skills and discover confidence in completing my task.

When I am doing work that inspires me, is necessary, and fiscally responsible, my work makes an impact. When I am acting with proper motives, I attract others to me who are willing to help me reach my goals. In addition, I am almost always successful at whatever I do when I am being mindful and accountable in my work.

The next time you find yourself stuck, consider your motives and focus instead on doing the next right thing. None of us can know the future, nor can we control what others will think. We are left with honoring our own hard work, and doing our best in each activity.

How do you move past getting stuck? Do you focus on results more than motives?

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