You already have meaningful relationships.

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What is a meaningful relationship?

I did a Google search on the terms “meaningful relationships” and came up with many articles that suggested ways in which we can create meaningful relationships, but fewer articles that suggest what a meaningful relationship is. defines “meaningful” as “full of meaning, significance, purpose, or value; purposeful; significant”.

I believe most people would define a meaningful relationship as a personal connection with another person that is full of significance, such as a relationship with a friend or family member. I choose to broaden the definition a bit to include any interaction with others from which there is value. And, to my thinking, there is value in every human connection.

From our daily interactions with co-workers and clients to a kind word or smile to a stranger on the street, all people have value and so does our relationship with them. Living life joyfully and enjoying meaningful relationships is about recognizing the value and purpose in every human interaction.

I don’t have to have all my needs met, feel intense emotion, or enjoy everything someone else does to recognize the meaningfulness in the relationship. A meaningful relationship might be as simple as networking connection that will generate a future job or client lead. A meaningful relationship might exist with a co-worker who tells a great joke and adds humor to my work day. A meaningful relationship might be the Barista who recognizes me and greets me by name.

A meaningful relationship might be present with a blogger who inspires me, even though we’ve never met.

What constitutes a meaningful relationship to you? How do you know when you have one?


  1. I agree. There have been so many times when maybe I was in a bad mood but either a stranger or just the familiar gas station attendant said or did something nice- something as simple as a smile, or holding the door, or helping me out with something- that completely turned my mood around.

    • Thanks for sharing your insights! My blog is quite new and I’m pleased to have someone reading. :)

      And yes, random acts of kindness can have just as much impact as kind actions from family and friends. Happiness comes from appreciating what I have and actively recognizing joy in the world around me.

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