11 Smart Strategies To Stay Focused And Get More Done

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You aren’t where you want to be. You aren’t getting the results that matter to you. You lack focus, and it’s a problem.


Most people fall into one of two categories- those whose lives are run by their to-do list, and those who prefer to fly by the seat of their pants. Neither option is ideal.

If you’re the first type, you probably have a to-do list a mile long. You may hear yourself say things like, “I’ve been busy,” or “life has been really crazy lately.”

If you’re the second type, you generally ignore your to-do list (or don’t have one at all). As a result, you either don’t get much done or you spend most of your day reacting to whatever crisis pops up around you.

Both types lack focus, and this lack of focus means you work harder and get less done.

I am the first type, with a to-do list a mile long. I get a lot done in a day, and I’m also prone to burnout. I take on too much and over-extend myself. It also means that while I can get a lot accomplished, without focus I don’t make much progress on my bigger goals because I’m too busy doing other things.

I work with plenty of clients like me, and I work with clients who are the second type. These are typically women who are hella smart and resourceful, yet they are stuck in dead-end jobs or floundering businesses. They invest in courses and programs and see little-to-no progress because they have no overall plan.

Staying focused is essential to being successful in work and life, and the best part is this same focus is essential to work-life balance. That means with focus you can get more done through doing less! More results doing less, as long as  you’re focusing on the right things, that is.

11 smart strategies to stay focused and get more done!

stay focused get more done

01. Every day, cross one item off your to-do list without doing it!

What? Yes, that’s right. Cross one item off your to-do list without doing it. I recommend starting with the “shoulds”. You know, those tasks you think you should do because you feel obligated or because that’s what someone else is doing. You’ll have a bigger impact focusing on other things.

02. Do one thing at a time

Focus on just one thing at a time, and dedicate your time, space, and attention to just one thing. Find a distraction-free location to work where you won’t be interrupted by family members or chatty co-workers. Close open browser windows. Turn off your notifications. Make it easier to focus on one thing at a time, and do that one thing well.

03. Know your why

What’s your big why? Your big why is the reason you do get up every morning and go about your day. Assuming you want more out of life than mere survival- what drives you and why is it important? Once you know your big why you can focus on doing things that support your why.

04. Say no

Once you know your big why, say no to people and opportunities that don’t support your big why. Don’t invest time, money, and energy in things that don’t support your goals. Instead, focus your time, money, and energy where you’ll see results!

Saying no is often easier said than done, so here’s some tips on how to say no.

05. Disappoint the right people

Get comfortable disappointing people as you hone your focus. No matter what you do, you’re going to disappoint someone, is that person going to be you?

06. Stimulate your vagus nerve

Your vagus nerve acts as an important part of your autonomic nervous system which supports essential body functions and your overall health and wellness. Stimulating your vagus nerve through diaphragmatic breathing can also improve your ability to focus. You can stimulate your vagus nerve with most types of slow, deep breathing, particularly when you breathe into your belly.

07. Prioritize your Top 3

Each day identify your Top 3 to-dos for the day. Your Top 3 should be those things that will have a significant impact on your goals, even if nothing else gets done that day.

08. Take breaks

You are more focused, productive, and effective when you take regular breaks. Go for a walk. Stretch in your chair. Get a drink of water. You can even schedule your breaks or add them to your calendar if you need to. Taking breaks will hone your focus and help you get more done.

09. Don’t work when you’re not working

If you don’t already them, set working hours and stick to them. That means no email, no texts, no calls outside your work hours. Allowing your mind to have a break from work, you increase your capacity to focus on work during work hours.

10. Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparing not only damages your self-esteem, it also distracts you from focusing on your unique brilliance. Stop comparing yourself to other people’s work, lives, accomplishments, and methods. To be the best, be the best at what you do instead of worrying about what everyone else is doing.

11. Do the next right thing

When you don’t know what to do, simply do the next right thing. The “right” thing is usually something connected to your big why- something that is important, essential, and supports you. It can be anything from completing your Top 3, to taking a break, to giving yourself a break.

Whether you’re someone with an out-of-control to-do list, or someone with no to-do list at all, you can do less AND get more done by getting focused.

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