Complain Refrain for 14 Days!

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Oh, how we love to complain. I’ve got problems, you’ve got problems. We’ve got problems! And annoyances. And inconveniences. And frustrations. And on and on and on.

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I learned years ago that whatever I focus on becomes the focus of my life. Duh, right? The thing is, when I complain I am oh-so-aware of whatever it is that is bothering me, and if I complain enough, well then I hardly notice the good stuff.

Of course the reverse is also true. If I am grateful enough, well then I hardly notice the bad stuff.

That temptation to complain remains. I have complaints, dammit! Sometimes my complaints aren’t even said out loud- sometimes they just swirl and twirl and consume my thoughts and it’s hard to think about anything else.

Lately I’ve been feeling discontent. I can sit and stew for hours on all the things I don’t like. But this behavior isn’t helping me, it’s hurting me. It’s robbing me of enjoyment. It’s stealing my peaceful rest. It’s taking all the things that are good and making them insignificant.

I’ve had enough of this shit. Enough complaining. Enough stewing. Just enough.

I’m going on a complain-free diet. For two weeks I will not complain. If I catch myself complaining I’ll stop right there and say three things I’m grateful for. I’m going to complain refrain for 14 days!

Will you join me?

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Get out there and do something!

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When I was working full-time I was always doing something. Working, attending Toastmasters, blogging, volunteering, and participating in other various professional organizations. I regularly attended networking events and training programs. I was kicking ass and loving it!

When I decided to try working part-time (or three-quarter time, really), I thought I’d get even more done. Just think of all the things I can accomplish! YEAH!!!!!

Only, as it happened, when I was working less, I started accomplishing less.

I spent several years being active in my personal and professional life, and setting myself up for success. Maybe on some level I thought the success would just keep rolling in. Maybe I needed a well-deserved break from so much doing. Maybe… well, I don’t know.

I have accomplished a lot in the last 2 years.  I earned my Competent Communicator and my Advanced Leader Bronze certifications in Toastmasters. I held 2 officer roles in my local Toastmasters Club. I helped organize a fundraiser that raised nearly $5,000 for three local animal rescues, and I fostered 3 rabbits, a guinea pig, and 2 dogs (all where adopted into wonderful new homes)!

But as much as I accomplished, it was less than I hoped, and I found myself less than satisfied with my life and my progress than I was when I was working full-time.

what are you going to do today

I had lots of thoughts about all this, and I kept thinking I needed to get back into some positive habits I had in the past. These thoughts were in my head for quite some time and- BAM- one day last week I got out of my head, off my ass, and started doing something about it.

I rediscovered my passion, my motivation, my drive.

I couldn’t have written this blog post a month ago, and if someone else wrote these words, well, it’s likely I would have read them with a half-hearted, “yeah” in agreement.

I hope, for your sake, you’re more easily inspired and motivated than I was even just a month ago. I hope you read these words and you get out of your head, get off your ass, and do something!

Hey, if I can’t convince you, maybe Jaye will.

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No more excuses

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No more excuses…. so I told myself week after week, month after month. Next week I’m going to do it. Only I didn’t.

I took a break from writing to take care of my health. I intended to start writing again but this thing happened that I suspect happens to all of us- we tell ourselves we’re going to do something but we don’t quite get around to doing it.

It’s one thing to find reasons not to go to the gym if you’re not into going to the gym but I like writing. I love writing! So why wasn’t I writing?

I wish I had an answer for you. If you came here hoping for some kind of answer, well, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

I’ve been determined to get back to it for quite a while. I told myself how good it is for me. I told myself lots of things.

I made excuses- good ones, even- for why I didn’t write this day or that.

As to how I got over making excuses? I don’t have any useful advice there, either.

I knew I would do it and each time I missed an opportunity, I knew I had the same opportunity the next day.

Today I did it!

What have I learned? Well, I suppose that leaves me, and you, with this:

Don’t beat yourself up for your excuses because it’s not going to help you do whatever it is you are trying to do.

Instead of excuses, focus on positive intentions. Does it really matter why you didn’t do it? Stay focused on why you want to do it.

Be where you are. If you were ready to do whatever you’re trying to do, you’d be doing it.

Keep preparing yourself for getting it done. You’ll get there in time. I did.

Maybe that’s some useful advice after all.

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