9 life lessons I learned from my puppy

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Having a puppy in the house is an everyday adventure. It’s daily lessons in humility and kindness, joy and laughter. The most important lesson of having a puppy is that it is me, not the puppy, that needs to be trained!

I have learned many lessons from my puppy, and I’m learning more every day.

Xander, 6 weeks

Life lessons I learned from my puppy

01. Patience

Puppies require a lot of patience, and it’s good practice for life. To be patient I must stop thinking about what I want, when I want it, and how I will get it.

02. Play

Play one of life’s greatest joys! It’s too easy to get caught up in responsibilities, fears, stress- even good stuff like progress and goals. My puppy reminds me to take time out to play every day!

03. Communicate clearly, and with love

Puppies aren’t born knowing how humans want them to behave. They don’t know what we want unless we tell them, and they are eager enough to please when we do.

If my puppy makes a mistake, it’s my mistake, not his. I need to clearly communicate what I want, and be loving when mistakes are made. After all, we’re learning together! And that goes for human-to-human relationships, too.

04. Mistakes are okay!

Yep, mistakes are okay. They are expected. Maybe, just maybe, they are even good. Mistakes are part of the learning process. Mistakes sometimes even lead to new and wonderous discoveries! It’s true, just ask penicillin!

05. Be curious

Puppies get into everything, and I do mean everything! It may seem like a hassle to this human, this human who knows exactly what she’s doing and has a plan and working on that plan every day.

Many wonderful ideas and innovations happen when I stray from my path and discover what else there is. Be curious! Try new things! Beauty and experience are all around you- enjoy it!

06. Feel scared

Sometimes life is scary, and it’s okay to feel scared. It’s okay to say I’m scared. I don’t have to be tough all the time, and I don’t have to let my fear keep me from trying something new. It’s enough to feel scared and proceed anyway- especially if there’s a reward involved!

lessons from a puppyXander, 9 weeks

07. Make messes!

Oh, us silly humans often avoid making a mess of things- at least this human does- but making a mess can provide all kinds of fun and messes can be cleaned up.

08. It’s just stuff

It seems every day something gets destroyed around the house, but you know what?, it’s just stuff. And it reminds me that I don’t really need as much stuff and I sometimes think I do. And, really, it’s all just stuff.

09. Give love

Puppies always have a kiss, a hug, or a snuggle and I want to be like that, too! Okay, maybe I’m not going to snuggle a stranger on the street, but the idea is to give love and give it freely, to myself as much as others.

dog training or human trainingXander, 6 months

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Find Your Inspiration

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I lost my inspiration. I lost it for a long while. I wondered if, when, and how I might find it again. In the meantime life had plenty of ups and downs to keep me busy.

A few weeks ago a spark of inspiration started to burn again. It’s not something I did, not really, though my choices did ignite the spark. It came, not from within, but from without.

It started during conversations with wise friends, and continued when I attended a networking group of like-minded individuals, and finally my spark burned bright during a transformative seminar.

Hello, old friend, it’s wonderful to see you again!

The lesson I learned from this experience was the importance of spending time with people who are doing, or aspiring to do, just what you want to do with your life.

Now the hard part was doing something different than I’d been doing. I had to make my personal growth more important than my excuses to sleep in, to binge-watch tv shows on Netflix, to do anything and everything that was keeping me stuck but somehow seemed oh-so-important at the time.

You have to get out there! Find your people, find your tribe, find the supporters of your truth! Listen when someone tells you about an event they’re attending and get off your keister and join them!

And speaking of events, I am extremely excited to attend Awaken Your Impact, a 3 day event in Phoenix in September. I’m out of my slump and ready to awaken! Boy, am I ready! Watch out for big things from me!

And remember what I said about listening? Yeah, this is an opportunity to find your inspiration, too.

community inspirationPhoto credit Hamed Masoumi

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Change one thing, change your life

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A few weeks ago I went complain-free. Now I’m not one to complain a lot but I have legitimate frustrations and concerns and, well, sometimes they get the better of me.

I didn’t even voice most of my complaints- it was my thoughts that were the problem. I thought about things that were unfair and how unhappy I was about it. I considered things that weren’t happening as agreed and I resented it. But I realized these complaints were just bringing me down so I made a decision to set them aside for 2 weeks.

Just a few days making the decision to shift my focus things started to change. One person honored an agreement we’d made. I was treated with greater respect by those around me. Something I’d asked for months ago took shape and I got what I asked for.

So I have this theory about how changing this one thing changed my life. When my attitude and outlook became more positive, open, and approachable, the people around me responded in kind. We prefer to be nice to those who are nice to us, don’t we? And wouldn’t we rather spend our time with someone that is pleasant, friendly, and hopeful?

I changed from someone carrying around my complaints to someone that was ready for good stuff to happen!

Of course this isn’t to say my life is now perfect, or I have every little thing I want, but I can say that those very things that upset are no longer a problem. In some cases those things have changed, and in other cases there is so much good stuff happening those upsetting things aren’t upsetting me.

My attitude changed and my life changed with it.

Have you ever experienced anything similar? How’d it work out for you? Are you willing to give up your complaints for a better life?

“The greatest discover of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” ~Oprah Winfrey

attitude changeImage credit Amanda Tipton

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